Sweater Monogram Wreath

Repurpose an old cable knit sweater to make a DIY Sweater Monogram Wreath. | All Things G&D

Last winter— Sidebar: Anytime I start a sentence with “last [timeframe]” it reminds me of my younger sister Brittny who always used to start every story with “Last morning…” when she was little. It didn’t matter if she was talking about something that happened a month ago, a year ago, or fifteen minutes ago, she always

Moody Florals

Moody Florals | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend

They call it “moody florals” and it’s one of the current fashion trends for fall.  Basically, it’s taking those frilly spring floral patterns and darkening them up. Putting those perky petals through a little teenage angst and having them come out all moody and broody.  Less Lilly Pulitzer, more Rose McGowan. (I say this like I’ve been keeping up with

ATG&D Dream Home | Insulation

Insulation being installed in our dream home. | All Things G&D #ATGDdreamhome #newhomeconstruction #customhome #customhomeconstruction

You guys! We are moving into our house in ONE WEEK!! If there’s ever been a time for all caps, THIS. IS. IT. Our house is 95% finished, and I’m all the way in love. Even though we haven’t moved in yet, it’s obvious we’re in a committed relationship, so I’m finding myself treating it like a new

ATG&D Dream Home | Interior Windows

An interior look at the windows we chose for our new home construction. | All Things G&D #ATGDdreamhome #newhomeconstruction #customhome #customhomeconstruction

I was going through the fifty-eleven-hundred* photos I have of new windows in our house, and window-themed clichés wouldn’t get out of my head – most notably the whole “eyes are the windows to the soul” one, only my brain kept twisting it up into “windows are the eyes of the soul.” Which doesn’t make

And Then It Was November


So much has changed since we packed up all of our belongings and shoved them into a storage locker last June. G has a longer commute, I have a smaller closet, and G’s parents’ household has more than doubled in size. It’s been an adjustment for all of us, but no one has had to

ATG&D Dream Home | We Have Windows!

A look at the black windows we chose for our dream home, all the different considerations that go into selecting a window style, and how we mixed it up to fit our budget. | All Things G&D #ATGDdreamhome #newhomeconstruction #customhome #customhomeconstruction

Happy November, everyone! At some point THIS MONTH we’ll be moving into our new house! We’re not exactly sure which day it’s going to be, but we do know it will be before Thanksgiving.  I can’t even wrap my mind around it! It’s been such a whirlwind few months and soon I’ll be snuggled up next to