What’s on Kate’s Plate?

Kate’s classic egg salad lunch (served in a bowl instead of in a sandwich since she doesn’t like bread) packs some extra protein (and a little sweetness) with a side of homemade trail mix:

1.  Egg salad
2. A trail mix of almonds, cashews, raisins, and dried cranberries
3. Sliced pears

I need some more lunch ideas for Kate! What foods has your little one been enjoying lately?

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    Hey girl,
    Both my 22 month and four year old love hummus. I like to use tortillas to make wraps with hummus and cucumbers. You could add other veggies depending on what she likes.

    Whole wheat pasta mixed with all kinds of stuff is another favorite in our house.

    Maybe you could trick her into eating bread if you smeared Nutella al over it haha! What about English muffins or some sort of fancy bread (bakery bread or croissants or something) I’m sure you have tried everything :) I always fall back on the trusty cream cheese and jelly so I can’t imagine if they didn’t eat bread :)

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    My 4 year old also doesn’t love bread, but I have found that he loves mini kabobs. I will take all the makings of a sandwich – rolled up turkey, cube of cheese, cherry tomato, a slice of pepperoni – and put them all on a toothpick. He loves them!

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    My daughter (18 months) likes quesadillas- Whole wheat tortillas, refried beans, cheese, and small chunks of butternut squash.

    She also likes raviolis. I serve them with steamed mixed veggies.

    Hope that helps!

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    What about PB and J on mini rice cakes? Thought of it as the post below talks about her popcorn obsession. Maybe call it popcorn bread? : ) My 16 month old won’t touch a vegetable. . .how does she know already?? I hope this is normal.

  5. 5

    Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    @Rachel: I’ve tried hummus with Kate, but no luck (so far). I was actually just thinking about making focaccia sandwiches for lunch this week – I’ll have to try that on Kate and see what she thinks. Great suggestions!

    @Tristina: Mini kabobs are a great idea! I’ll give those a try!

    @Antonette: Kate’s a big fan of quesadillas, too. They’re our go-to. Raviolis is a great suggestion – think I’ll pick some up when we go grocery shopping tomorrow!

    @Anonymous: What a fun idea! She does like rice cakes, so I think it might be a hit! Kate turns her nose up at veggies, too. She used to be SO GOOD at eating them, but right around the one year mark she said fuggetaboutit. Now I just blend them up in smoothies and she drinks them. Tricky, tricky!

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    I love this series because not only is it kid friendly, but I get tips for packing my lunch as well.

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