A Month’s Worth of Green Smoothies – Only One Day of Prep!

A Month's Worth of Green Smoothies - Only One Day of Prep! | www.allthingsgd.com

I started drinking green smoothies during my first Whole Living Challenge attempt, and ever since then they’ve been a staple in my a.m. intake.  What thrills me even more than the fact that I start most days drinking literally one of the healthiest things you can put in your body (kale) – and LIKING IT! – is that Kate likes green smoothies, too!

1 c. Kale (stems removed, coarsely chopped, firmly packed)
1/2 c. Parsley (loosely packed)
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Banana
2 1/4 c. water

(Recipe Credit: WholeLiving.com)

green smoothie

1 cup of kale, stems removed, coarsely chopped and firmly packed.


green smoothie

1/2 c. of parsley, loosely packed


green smoothie

1 Granny Smith apple, peeled and chopped


green smoothie

Kate, my little helper, adding ingredients to the blender.


green smoothie

1 banana


green smoothies

Kate, 35 Months


I usually blend my green smoothie ingredients with 2 1/2 cups of water, and I blend it until it’s nice and smooth and I can hardly see any kale flecks.  We’re still loving our Black & Decker Blender that I first blogged about a year ago.  We’ve been using it daily (sometimes twice a day) for the past year, and it still works great!  The hardest part of drinking smoothies for me isn’t the taste (I don’t think these green smoothies really taste like much of anything) – it’s the texture.  For a fraction of the price of Ninjas and other high-end blenders, this little powerhouse blends my smoothies so well that I don’t have to worry about gagging on any chunks.  It does such a great job, in fact, that I can often get my green smoothies blended to an almost juice-like consistency!

green smoothie, blender

Our inexpensive Black & Decker Blender does such an incredible job that our smoothies often taste more like juice!

I got Kate hooked on green smoothies by adding orange juice to them. At first I started her on a 50% green smoothie, 50% orange juice combination, and then I gradually reduced the OJ and increased the green smoothie. Now she just gets a little splash of OJ in her cup and still drinks it up with no complaints!

With so many fresh ingredients, green smoothies require a fair amount of prep.  For one batch, which produces 2 smoothies (usually shared between Kate and I), I found that I was spending a lot of time in the kitchen washing and chopping kale, parsley and apples – something I rarely have time for in the mornings!

Another issue I was finding on my green smoothie brigade is that sometimes my kale or parsley goes bad before I can turn them into delicious, nutritious, morning delights.  I HATE seeing food go to waste, so chucking the last few leaves of kale or sprigs of parsley because I can’t chug my vitamins fast enough is NOT okay with me.

My solution has been to bulk prep, freeze, and blend as needed – and it’s been working beautifully!

green smoothies

Freezer bags are my friend. (Don’t worry – I wash and reuse them!)


I chop up an entire bunch of kale and an entire bunch of parsley all at one time and measure them out into freezer bags – one green smoothie batch per freezer bag.  Then I fill each bag with one peeled and chopped Granny Smith apple, and one peeled and chopped banana.  (I don’t add any liquid to the freezer bags; I wait until I’m ready to blend to add water.)

I typically get about 8-10 batches of green smoothies per 1 bunch of kale and 1 bunch of parsley.  (Don’t worry if you end up having more kale than parsley or vice versa – just divide your extras evenly amongst the batches.)

green smoothie

Kate, sneaking a bite of apple as she fills up a freezer bag.


green smoothies

Bulk prepping green smoothies – several batches in freezer bags, and one batch in jars that will go in the fridge and be enjoyed in the next day or two!


When you’re ready for your green smoothie fix, simply fill your blender with water, open up your freezer, and toss in a bag of already prepared smoothie ingredients!  The best part is – there’s no need to thaw your ingredients!  Toss them in frozen, blend, and a minute later you’ll have 2 nice cold smoothies ready to enjoy!  (Or one to enjoy now and one to refrigerate for later!)

Your green smoothie ingredients can keep in the freezer for easily a month and still taste great when you blend them.  I’ve even had green smoothie ingredients frozen for over two months that I’ve blended up and they still taste as great as a freshly chopped up smoothie!  (Don’t worry if your bananas brown up a little bit in the freezer – they’ll still taste great in your smoothie, I promise.)

green smoothies

A batch of smoothie ingredients in each freezer bag – ready to grab & blend on a hectic workday morning!


Have I convinced you to jump on the green smoothie bandwagon yet?  What are some of your tips for a quick, easy, and healthy weekday breakfast?

The recipe for the Cranberry Nut Bars you see in my freezer can be found here: Cranberry Nut Bars (Homemade Kind Bars).

The glass storage jars shown in the picture above can be found here:  small glass jars, large glass jars, and reusable jar lids.  Or you can check out my tips for reusing glass jars you already have!

My blender – which is awesome at blending smoothies so smooth they almost taste like juice – can be found HERE.

NOTE:  Some readers have mentioned that large quantities of parsley (like in this smoothie recipe) are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.  Please check with your doctor and make substitutions accordingly.

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  1. 1

    Hey there – I am a greem smoothie lover but find that I often skip it in the morning b/c of the prep. i’m definitely going to try this. I also saw baby kale in the store this weekend and might try that b/c I too cannot do the texture sometimes. Have you tried this process with some of the other smoothies on your list? Do you know if it works with spinach (which I often use in place of Kale)? I also didn’t know that you could blend and use later/the next day. Do you just shake it up in the jar? Thanks so much!

    • 2

      I actually haven’t tried it with any of the other smoothies I drink because they’re not as prep-intensive as my green smoothies. I’m guessing it’d work with just about anything, though! I personally haven’t tried it with spinach but a commenter below mentions that you can. And yes, I will sometimes blend two batches at a time and drink them throughout the week, so they definitely keep in the fridge for a few days! I just shake them up, pour, and enjoy!

      • 3

        I had some spinach that was going to go bad, so I stuck it in the freezer and it froze great. Sometimes I make a double batch and put half of it in a blender bottle in the fridge for the next day. The blender bottle works great to “remix” it.

        • 4
          Avaril says:

          I feel you are throwing away nutrients when you peel the apple. Have you tried carrots and/or celery?

          • 5

            I haven’t tried carrots or celery in my smoothies yet, although I have been leaving the peels on my apples lately after reading some of the feedback in this post. I’ve found the smoothies have slightly more texture than when I peel the apples, although I don’t mind it much and am glad to get the extra nutrition.

      • 6
        Jessica says:

        I have been doing smoothies at work for lunch, having to blend them there, excited to try this and then be able to save the other half for the next day, if you do this, it still tastes great within the next day or two? Will the great nutritional values all still be the same?

    • 7
      Rhonda Palmer says:

      I’ve done smoothies in my blender with spinach and frozen tropical fruit – a dash of vanilla, water or almond milk and a dollop of stevia if necessary (banana added for a bit of a change) I think they pack better if I blend them up, fill the baggie and freeze them flat. I do like this idea of blending them “fresh” since I wouldn’t have to remember to thaw it, although flat thaws pretty quickly.

      • 8
        Naomi Colbert says:

        I use the exact same ingreidents as you in my ” Berry/veggie Smoothie. When my bananas start to get too ripe, I cut them up and place them in the bag with the frozen tropical berries. When I get ready to make a smoothie, I just add the other ingredients along with the spinach or kale and blend. Bananas blends well frozen. (I use a Nutri-Bullet).

      • 9

        I think you’ll find if you freeze your own fruit or use dress you won’t need vanilla or sweetener. Frozen fruit from the grocery is usually pretty flavorless.

  2. 10

    LOVE IT!!! I have to do this, I’ve been doing the green smoothies for a while now, but the prep time is such a pain sometimes. Never tried it with the Kale. I use Spinach and I also add one Pear and half a avocado.

    • 11

      Be sure to alternate your greens – don’t use spinach every day – it has oxalates that can cause kidney stones if you eat it all the time. I alternate kale and spinach every other day. 😉

      • 12

        Great tip, Sarah!

      • 13

        Sarah speaks truth…I blended through a large container of spinach in a week, wasn’t hydrating well, and ate a bag of salty chips before bed on the last night. The next day I took a ride in an ambulance, and after following up with a urologist later, I learned I’d executed a perfect recipe for a kidney stone.

      • 14

        I feel like this depends on each person’s physiology…my husband and I have been enjoying green smoothies made with 3-4 large handfuls of spinach, a banana, and a cup of 1% milk for breakfast (we split the finished product) for several months now and we’ve had no problems. I like the idea of switching up the greens for different nutrients but have never heard of one developing kidney stones just from having the same ingredients in a smoothie for days on end.

        • 15

          @Twix: Do you mean that you’ve never heard of one developing kidney stones just from the same ingredients in a smoothie for days on end…aside from what I described in the comment above yours? :-) I agree that not all are equally susceptable to developing them, but for those who are, or who might not know, it’s a good heads up to know that spinach is off the chart in oxalate which is what (plus calcium) makes up most kidney stones. Had I known that, and knowing my family members get them, I’d have made sure I wasn’t slacking off on water intake, and/or not used spinach daily.

          • 16

            Agreed, I developed a kidney stone from eating kale salads every day. It wasn’t a choice, I was trapped on a job where I wasn’t permitted to leave for lunch and the only vegetarian option provided was 2 kale salads per day. I complained after the 64th consecutive one to no avail. The kidney stone was what convinced me I could be living in a hotel and still find some way to bring my own lunches. The job ended and I moved on to the next one but I still have a fear of kale and probably go overboard on the spinach as a result. (Not to mention how sick of kale I am.)

        • 17

          Spinach is high in oxalates, but so are many other greens…chard and kale in particular and also parsley. Kale is not quite as high as spinach, and there is ‘some’ differences between varieties of kale.. Oxalates not only CAN cause kidney stones, it also ‘binds’ the calcium in the plant…so don’t consider the calcium in your greens as adequate intake. Cooking lowers the oxalates, but also reduces some of the vitamins and the enzymes avail. in fresh produce. You can research any of this online.

  3. 19

    I love this idea for a months worth of smoothies. I will use it , but I think I will make several kinds for the sake of changing things up some mornings.

    • 20

      I do that. I prep the base of my daily smoothie (greens, 1 banana) in individual zip lock bags and freeze it. Then in the morning I add different fruit so I’m not always drinking the same thing. I buy the frozen organic mixed berries from Costco so if I want a berry smoothie I add 1 cup or so of those, or if I have peaches, pineapple, mangos or apple ill throw one of those for the fruity flavor. I also get the fat free fage yogurt and if I worked out that morning I put a 1 cup of that in for 23 grams of protein and 1/2 cup coconut water for electrolytes and minerals. If its not sweet enough then I put in a tablespoon of orange juice concentrate. I usually omit that though. So basically the base of greens and bananas is the same but depending on my workout (if it was intense) ill add more yogurt and more coconut water for more protein and electrolytes.

      I also just quickly rise the blender fill it 1/2 way with water add a couple drops of soap blend it up to clean it, rise again and I’m finished. It takes me about 10 mins start to finish (including clean up) not bad for a healthy nutrious breakfast.

  4. 22

    I usually make a big batch on the weekend and store it in a recycled orange juice jug. That way I only have to clean up the blender once and I have smoothie ready to go whenever I want!

  5. 29

    I want to try this green smoothie!
    I have frozen plain yogurt in ice cube trays and placed them in bags with bananas and strawberries (or other berries)

    • 30

      I always put yogurt (usually Greek) in my smoothie, its not all green as I use a banana and coconut water, and mixed berries and greens either kale or spinach, why I am replying to you is I didn’t know you could freeze yogurt. does it have to be in ice cube trays? I usually use 1 cup in each smoothie Do you think I could put it in the bag as suggested with all the other stuff and freeze?

  6. 31

    Wow, this definitely motivates me to start having a green smoothie every day. I’m not a morning person so anything I can do to save time makes my day even better! Thanks for your post Dusty!

  7. 32

    What a great idea! I bet this would even make a good juice when placed in a juicer – though come to think of it, I’ve never juiced a banana. Not sure how that would go. Still I’ve got to try this as I juice kale up w/ other fruit quite frequently! Thanks for sharing!

    • 33

      You might want to check your juicers manual before trying to juice the Bananas. Mine says not to juice bananas at all.

    • 34
      Rhonda Palmer says:

      Bananas only for the blender (I guess there’s not enough moisture to run through a juicer). It just gunks up to mush. 😉

    • 36

      We juice a juice every morning and then add the juice to the blender and add the banana and blend. It’s the most refreshing way to have juice. Though we do a pineapple, orange , banana in the morning. But afternoons we do a green juice or smoothie. Didn’t know we could freez our greens.. Going to give this a try.

  8. 37

    Do you find that these smoothies keep you full? I need some protein or fat with my breakfast or I am starving within 2 hours. So I usually add an avocado or full-fat yogurt. Even though the fat adds some calories, I find it helps me in the long run because then I am not snacking in the middle of the morning.

    • 38

      I typically also have a muffin, fruit, granola bar and/or coffee or tea along with my smoothie in the mornings. Sometimes I just start the day with my smoothie and pack a morning snack (like a granola bar or fruit) to have later if I get hungry. I don’t care for creamy drinks, but adding yogurt or avocado is a great idea for those who do!

    • 40

      Add a raw egg to get your protein. It slightly increases the thickness but doesn’t add any taste whatsoever

    • 41

      I use a Protein powder called Unjury (Unjury.com) it offers 21 grams of protein per scoop (the highest on the market). I have been juicing and adding one scoop per 8 oz of unflavored. Its a great meal. Especially after my bariatric surgery.

      • 42

        Now foods makes a whey protein that has 25 gm protein per scoop, comes unflavored,chocolate, vanilla, and some other flavors too complicated for me. Available at health food stores and online.

    • 43

      You can also add a tbsp of almond butter, gives you the protein, less saturated fat, and a great flavor

    • 45

      I put chia seeds and oats in my smoothies and I stay full all morning. I haven’t tried it in the green smoothie yet but you could omit the oats and use only chia seeds because they have no flavor (but lots of health benefits!).

      • 46

        I use chia seeds in salads, but I’ve never tried them in my smoothies. Thanks for the tip!

        • 47

          I use a Vita mix and grind flax seeds, Chia seeds and almonds into a powder before I add 2 veggies and 2 fruits, a little water and ice. I used to add cooked oatmeal and greek yogurt but I am trying to eat a little more alkaline and those two ingredients don’t “fill the bill”.


  9. 48

    I know you said it does not really taste like anything, BUT what does it taste like? LOL!
    I do not like vegetables, but I really want to try this smoothie.

    • 49

      Believe me – I was in your same boat when I first tried these, Elizabeth, hahaha! The taste is very neutral. I think the banana and apple cut the “greens” flavor of the kale and parsley. If anything it has a mild fruity flavor. You can add a little extra banana and it will taste more like banana, or you could add a little extra apple and it will taste more like apple. Or you could use the trick I used on my daughter to get her to start drinking them, and add some OJ to sweeten it up. It’s worth a try!!

    • 50

      I just made this, minus the parsley. The banana is the dominant flavor for certain. Then apple. You can’t really taste the kale.

      It’s delicious–and I like that I just got 3 servings of fruit/veggies. :-)

    • 51

      I always have berries in my green smoothie–I’m not sure I could do it otherwise! :) Pineapple is also really sweet and a great addition to green smoothies. Instead of the parsley also try cilantro–it is great with strawberries!

  10. 52

    Wow, I am so going to try this. It simply had not occurred to me that a) I could prep a bunch of ingredients at a time and then freeze, or b) that my blender might work just fine. I’ve made PINK smoothies in my blender of course, but not green ones. So duh on me!


  11. 53

    I buy baby spinach and blend the whole bag at once. I also add a little water. I put in ice cube trays and put in a bag when frozen. This way the spinach doesn’t go bad. I also due the same thing with pineapple from the can (no sugar added).

    • 54

      Great tip Diane!

    • 55

      This is a great idea if my garden is filling up too fast with greens but during the “off” season, I just buy bags of frozen organic spinach to toss in. A little less prep.

    • 56


      how do you blend the spinach, and once frozen in cubes how many do u put in for a smoothie? I find that I tend to waste part of my spinach. also what recipe do you use?

      • 57

        megan, put spinach in a blender with some form of liquid (water, juice, yogurt etc) and blend till smooth.. if your following this recipe pour 1cup of spinach in blender and then pour in ice trays and see how many the 1 cup fills… Im loving these ideas for we love making smoothies but get pressed for time and this will save lots of time… I bought a smoothie blender at walmart for less than 20.00 and it comes with like 6 single serve cups that u just mix and take with you and blends great…

  12. 58

    You can totally keep the kale stems and blend them as well! That’s my favorite part about green smoothies– I am not wasting that nutrient-rich kale stem. Also, in answer to someone’s question: You can definitely use spinach – in fact, I encourage you to use both.

    I’ve actually gotten away from the fresh greens and now use superfood greens from Whole Body (you can buy online or from most stores like that). There are lots of brands. Dr. Axe recommends Garden of Life. (If you don’t follow Dr. Axe, you should!)

    1. Superfood Grens
    2. Whole, unpasteurized milk from my farmer (Find a local guy who has this)
    3. Kefir water (again from my farmer. kefir grains fermented with fruit. Very good for you)
    4. Frozen berries and frozen beaches
    5. Half a banana
    6. Flax seeds
    7. Chia seeds

  13. 60
    Mrs. Wiggles says:

    Kimberly Snyder also does the smoothies. Check her out. she’s in California and just opened her own green shop. I have tried them and they are good. Still trying to tweek the diet. Thanks.

  14. 61
    Jennifer Washbrook says:

    I can’t even stomach the smell of banana let alone the taste, is there a good alternative?

    • 62

      Maybe pineapple? Or try doing two apples instead of just one. Good luck!

    • 63

      I am also a hardcore banana hater. Recently, I tried cutting one into
      Chunks, freezing it and add it to smoothies. I think it gives a creamy texture and I put so much
      Other stuff I honestly can’t taste it

    • 64

      Mango makes a great substitute for the banana. :)

    • 65

      Avocado is actually a really good replacement for banana in smoothies. It gives a thick, creamy texture, but you don’t get a strong flavor, depending on what other ingredients you add. (My current favorite is avocado, almond butter, hemp seeds, cocoa powder, and almond milk.)

    • 66

      Often I include a portion (about 1/4) of pre baked (or nuked) sweet potato. I suspect this could replace banana to add some smoothness

  15. 67

    I love this idea of preparing ahead of time!!! My kids & I have been making a spinach/fruit smoothie, it varies sometimes on what fruit we use but usually it’s something like this…
    1-1.5 cups Coconut milk
    1 banana
    1 cup spinach
    1 cup blueberries
    1 cup strawberries
    Preparing these is usually not too time consuming, but like you said sometimes the spinach or bananas start to go bad before I can use them…. thanks for the great idea!

  16. 68

    I have been looking for a fuss free morning recipe. I am so excited about this! I have frozen black berries, raspberries, blue berries, and strawberries I am looking to add with it in alternation….Thank you so much! Great time saving healthy idea!

  17. 69

    Dusty, what the flip??!!! Do you remember that we met at Haven last summer?? Love you. I just popped by Roo’s place this morning and saw that she referred to “Dusty” and thought -what? how does Roo (who’s been my blog buddy from the pre-existence) know Dusty? – and came over here. I skimmed through this post about green smoothies because i think i might hate green smoothies and am afraid of them- then I found your post about double flipping off the “healthy band wagon” and thought- OH MY GOSH, WE ARE THE SAME SABOTAGERS!! (i really wish “sabotagers” was a real word. using it anyway.) Then i scrolled back up to look at the green smoothie prep post again and am still afraid of green smoothies, but had a secondary thought- maybe i’m just afraid of learning about a new great healthy thing and then ignoring it like i do all the other great healthy things in my life. that would make me feel worse!

    these are my thoughts. they are un-profound. they need to be resolved.

    but i wanted to say hi!

    and that i’ll never forget your humping the lovely saxophone player while his wife sat nearby on a couch with her arms politely folded on her lap. :-)

    thanks for helping me feel normal today, Dusty.


    • 70

      LOL! Best comment of the month goes to Angie! Of course I remember you, crazy girl! That was such a fun weekend! Are you going back this year? I’m ON it! (And also probably the sax player again.)

      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi!

  18. 71

    Can I just say a big THANK YOU for blogging about this, and using a blender that costs $57 rather than $400? Who are these people who buy $400-$500 blenders!!??

  19. 75

    I make my smoothies with kale, lemon juice(only a little), spinich, an apple (or an orange, sometimes both), cilantro (occasionally) and sometimes a banana as well. But the prep always sucks! so i am so glad i found this never would of thought to put them in the freezer beforehand

  20. 76

    I’m baaaack! So I prepped a week of smoothies last night – so excited. This morning I made a smoothie and it was okay – need to dial down the parsley I think. The issue wasn’t the taste though, it was the texture at the end. In the beginning, it was nice and juicy and smooth. 3/4 of the way into it apparently the solids separated from the rest and I was left with a thick, not so cold mess. Maybe I need to drink it faster? I put it in a cup and took it to go so it was about 20 minutes later that I got to the end and it was not good…at.all. Will try again tomorrow but wondering if you had any tips to keeping it together?

    • 77

      Hmm…that sounds strange. The only time I’ve ever seen it separate is when it’s stored in the fridge (or left just sitting) for a while. You certainly shouldn’t have that problem after only 20 mins! Maybe try adding more water? I’m a huge texture person so I feel you there! Maybe try blending it longer, too? I wish I had a good solution, but I’ve honestly never had this problem. Let me know the fix when you discover it!

      • 78

        The next day was better. I hadn’t frozen the smoothie mix on the first day and must not have blended enough. Day two was frozen and blended for a nice long time and all is good…even with the leftovers today! Thanks.

  21. 79

    Going to try this! I’ve been sick constantly and am hoping this will help!

    • 80

      it will help you get better big time. If you do a smoothie or two a day for 6 weeks you will be amazed at how well you feel, plus you will find other pleasant surprises as well, weight loss, better energy …lot of stuff. I have been smoothing it for about 6 months and even the pressure in my eyes( I have pre- glacoma) goes down and amazes my doc.

  22. 81

    Hey Dusty, I love this idea. Seriously, it’s such a time-saver. How do you feel about the whole waste factor, though? Thinking about all of the once-used bags that will sit in some hole for a few centuries is the one thing that holds me back from doing much higher-volume, lower-quantity freezing than I currently do.

    • 82

      Excellent point, Sam! I re-use my freezer bags to cut down on waste. Honestly, they don’t even get very dirty! I just rinse and wipe them out and re-use. I know there are other environmentally freezer-friendly container options out there, but I haven’t invested in them yet.

    • 84

      You could try wrapping your smoothie ingredients in butcher/freezer paper instead of using plastic bags. I think it is lined with a thin layer of wax to keep the freezer flavor out. My parents used it to wrap all meat and fish when I was growing up.

  23. 85

    I think I’m going to give this a try. I definitely don’t have a lot of time in the mornings, so bulk prep would work really well for me. I have oral allergy syndrome, so I can’t eat most fresh fruits and veggies without getting sick. But, I want make sure that my 3 year old daughter is eating healthy.

  24. 87

    How do you make the green smoothie with OJ? I’m new to green smoothies and while i love most greens I have never even tried kale. So i need to ween on, any suggestions?

    • 88

      Start with adding about 1/2 a cup of OJ to a batch, taste-test it and add more as necessary. When I was first starting my daughter Kate on green smoothies I filled up her cup 1/2 with OJ and 1/2 with green smoothie to get her used to the new taste and it worked like a charm! She now drinks green smoothies daily (oftentimes at each meal) and has maybe a splash of OJ in each cup. Hope that helps!

  25. 89
    Catherine Christie says:

    Was thinking of adding coconut water in place of regular water for added flavor

    • 90

      That’s a great idea, Catherine!

    • 91

      I use coconut water in all of my smoothies because it not only enhances the flavor of the fruits better than water does (minimizing the “green” taste of the veggies,) but it has loads of potassium in it! It’s a great alternative source for potassium for the banana haters, although it doesn’t give the same texture as a banana (but avocados do!)

  26. 92
    Arianna says:

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks!
    Have you done a post about those cranberry nut bars? Would love to find out the recipe!

  27. 94

    We’ve been blending a green smoothie base, without liquid, pouring into ice cube trays and freezing, then popping 4 or 5 cubes in the blender with coconut water and yogurt . This would be even LESS work by not blending the green base ahead of time!

  28. 95

    I love this idea!!! I was wondering if it would be okay to freeze the ingredients. Thanks for the info. I will be freezing my batches from now on:)

  29. 96

    So happy to hear you’ll find this helpful, Andrea and Shawna!

  30. 97

    This is AMAZING! I’ve been drinking green smoothies for about a week now but I find every other morning I have to skip it because I don’t have time. This is going to make prep so much easier. Thank you!

  31. 99

    This is a great idea! Thank you!

    I would like to add that consuming lots of parsley while breastfeeding can dry up your milk. So breastfeeding mamas should skip that ingredient. But for the rest of us, parsley has so many benefits!

    • 100

      I’m really glad you mentioned this, was just going to post something about parsley and breastfeeding. :-) It’s true, breastfeeding mamas, avoid the parsley!

    • 101

      Oh, thanks for mentioning this! I am breastfeeding my baby and love smoothies in the morning. I am going to try this recipe (minus the parsley) because I need variety so I am not always having the same couple of smoothies!

    • 102

      I didn’t realize that, Laura – thank you so much for sharing!

  32. 103

    Love the green smoothie & especially the do ahead freezer prep! Thanks , Kathy

    • 104

      My pleasure, Kathy! So happy to hear you found this post helpful!

      • 105

        Love the idea of freezing ahead blends ahead! Making smoothies in the morning is making me late for work!
        I wouldn’t freeze in plastic bags though, kind of takes away from being healthy and natural-maybe mason jars or some type of reusable cloth freezer bag.

  33. 106

    Is there a substitute ingredient for the parsley for us nursing mamas? And do you know approximately how many calories one serving is?

  34. 109

    Super love this idea. I honestly never thought of freezing my smoothie mix – sometimes I pre-prep and keep everything cut up in the fridge, but freezing is so much better! I too have a problem with things going to waste so this is great. Thanks for this post and super love the cute picture of your daughters slippers 😛

  35. 111

    Thanks so much for posting this! i am extremely new to green smoothies and have only made two so far. I have been reading the book “Green Smoothie Revolution” though and here is one thing I learned from it. The author says that we need to be rotating our greens frequently. So my question is this…will the pre-made bags last longer than a month in the freezer? If not, I think I would need to make a weeks worth of smoothies with a different green x 4. Thanks so much!!

    • 112

      I’ve had pre-made green smoothie bags in my freezer for longer than a month and they’ve still blended up tasting great. One bunch of kale and one bunch of parsley should get you approximately 8 batches of green smoothies (with 2 smoothies/batch). If you only prep that much you’ll get 16 smoothies, with lots of other days left in your month for other smoothie recipes that use different greens. Have fun trying out new flavors!

  36. 113

    Ok, So I am back after a week of trying this….the first day I tasted it I would describe it as “Fresh”. It had a parsley taste to it more then anything else. To be honest it wasn’t my favorite and was wondering how I was going to get through the rest of the week….Well now it is the end of the week and I have to say I now love them and somewhere in the first couple of days the parsley taste went away and all I taste is the bananas and apples. I just finished putting my second batch in the freezer….I feel good and I have a ton of energy! Thank you so much for sharing I have been so excited about it I have been sharing with all my friends!!!!

  37. 115

    EXCELLENT idea for freezing the goodies 😀

  38. 117

    Hello all – I prepare my green smoothies the night before, and just grab them out of the fridge before work each day. I have been doing this prep for about 3 years and they still taste wonderful the next day. I add MUCH more greens than anyone I’ve ever heard (sometimes a whole bunch of kale or about 6cups spinach). Once I get to work, I merely stir them with a straw and enjoy. Also, I add chia seeds for protein and to help create the feeling of fullness and coconut oil for added health benefits and calories. I don’t typically follow any recipes, I usually just experiment with what ever fruit is ripest on my counter. But I am sure to use something like a banana or mango as a base to give it the right consistency. I fill my vitamix 3/4 full with fruit, 2 tablespoons coconut oil or butter, water to cover the fruit, then add greens while blending until the blender gets approximately full. Just before finishing, I add 3 tablespoons of chia seeds and blend for another minute: yields approximately 2.5 quarts which I drink for breakfast and lunch. I never feel hungry or deprived during the day. If I added too many greens and the flavor isn’t the best (which has happened) I then add a few frozen strawberries and it wil immediately get sweeter. I LOVE GREEN SMOOTHIES!!! I honeslty couldn’t live without them!!!

  39. 119

    I think this is a great idea! However, I am a bit concerned about deterioration of nutrients when freezing the ingredients. Do you know if that is an issue?

    My Favorite green smoothie recipe is: about 100grams of spinach or kale, blended until creamy, with about 1-2 cups of fresh carrot/orange/pineapple/ginger/apple juice. Tastes just like an orange creamsicle.

    • 120

      I’m really not sure, Laina. It makes sense that fresh is the best when there’s time to do it, but on a busy weekday morning grabbing a bag from the freezer and blending it up is still much better than many other grab-and-go breakfast options. :)

      Your smoothie recipe sounds delicious!

  40. 121

    Thanks so much for posting this. I used to look at the girls at work (I am a nurse) that were drinking green smoothies and just laugh at them and think “that” is disgusting! 6 weeks ago my wife and I started the Shred diet and guess what was in there….GREEN SMOOTHIES!! I bit the bullet and tried one and now am hooked. This will help so much with the prep work! The only part of making them I don’t like is how time intensive it is! I will probably use this for other smoothies as well so I can buy less frozen fruit and more fresh!

  41. 123

    Just made an entire batch! my family tried it for dinner and we all loved it, we’re already talking about what each one of us is going to add individually! Thanks for this amazing recipe and freezing idea.
    PS. We added frozen mango and it added the perfect sweetness

  42. 125

    what do you have to do to the kale n other greens before freezeing them ??? or can you use frozen greens?

    • 126

      I just wash them up, chop them up and then freeze. When it comes time to blend up my smoothie I grab the pre-prepped bag from my freezer, toss it in my blender, add water, and blend. No thawing needed!

  43. 127

    Just wanted to note that “large” quantities like this of parsley are not safe for pregnant women. Which of course I had a hunch to look up AFTER spending hours on prep and drinking a large portion of my shake this morning. So much for trying to be healthy this pregnancy around! Panicked call to OB….check! 😉

    • 128

      I’m so glad you thought to look that up, Samantha! I didn’t know that about parsley until another commenter mentioned it above. You can easily substitute other greens that you’re allowed to eat (or just add more kale) for this recipe. I’ll be sure to add a note at the end of my post for other pregnant or breastfeeding moms out there!

  44. 129

    will defianlty try doing this, i normally do juice/smothie bags for the week and place in the fridge but they take up so much room……this sounds brilliant

  45. 130

    Love this idea. Will definitely try.

  46. 131

    i am doing the WLC too ~ and am always looking for new smoothies ~ i have just been doing fruit and coconut milk, but it probably wouldn’t hurt me to throw some green in there. i just didn’t know if it would knock the taste off!

  47. 134

    I do this but i blend up everything and pour it into ice cube trays , when frozen i pop them into a lg freezer bag. I just grab 6-7 cubes add some green tea and blend it up

  48. 135

    Has anyone tried using oranges?

  49. 136

    I love the idea of pre prepping but using so many ziplock baggies is very wasteful And expensive. I would definitely reuse the bags of choose little tubs instead.

  50. 138

    These are a great bunch of comments and experience with these green smoothies. I have been using my Vitamix for a year and a half and just love making smoothies. I am definitely going to look into the bulk preparation . I use chard and spinach from my garden.

  51. 139

    Can I ask, Why parsley? It seemed like a puzzling ingredient to me. Are there health benefits to parsley I don’t know about? I would think spinach or mustard greens or even arugula would be higher in vitamins?

  52. 141

    The Green Smoothie I make uses Spinach, Blueberries, Ground Flax Seed, and Water. Sometimes may need sweetener. I may try the raw egg for protein.

  53. 142

    Awesome Idea!!! Since your freezing it I wonder if buying frozen kale would not make this a bit easier and cheaper. I love using frozen kale for smoothies. I get mine at Trader Joes.

  54. 144
    Michelle says:

    You can’t use the same green veggies all the time coz you’ll develop toxicity from it especially if you drink it everyday.

    • 145
      Crystal says:

      I’m curious to know where you got that information from?

      • 146

        A couple of other people have mentioned the same concern above and referenced a book about the benefit of mixing up your daily greens. It sounds like something as simple as alternating kale and spinach every other day would do the trick.

        • 147

          you could try the mixed greens, that you can buy in the fresh veggies isle. I use all baby greens but like to do spinach and then for a change use spring greens mixed, be sure to check what mixed greens you yuse though, some are just different kinds of lettuce leaves

  55. 148

    I just made these this morning with kale and spinach in stead of parsley and it was very delicious!!!

  56. 150

    I LOVE green smoothies and alternate between kale and spinach (and sometimes use both)! Instead of water, I use green tea (steep a small pot overnight so it is ready in the morning). Also, as so many have commented, when your fresh fruit is getting ripe/about to go bad, put it in the freezer. I always have 1-2 2-gallon bags of fresh frozen fruit in my freezer; it will keep for a year this way. This allows us to have those lovely berries that are so good for you year round!! And for those of us who are on the go and need our protein/veggies/fruit all at once, add a scoop of vanilla or berry protein powder. I make a blender full each morning; drink one on my way to work and drink the other for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack (1/2 each). Thanks for all the wonderful tips above, time to go make my smoothie!!

  57. 153

    I use green tea instead of water, great taste!

  58. 156

    If the texture bugs you, you can try buying a cheese cloth at the store to use as a strainer. It’s my cheap version of a juicer. And the cheese cloths can be reused. Just rinse them out and hang them to dry.

    • 157

      I do a two-step process since my blender has a chunkier texture. I got a nutribullet and it really makes the texture so much better!

  59. 158

    How do you peel your apples?

    • 159

      I just use a vegetable peeler. My last batch of green smoothies that I prepared I decided not to peel the apples; I just cored and cut them. I noticed it made the smoothies slightly less smooth to have the peels included, but not too bad, so consider keeping your peels on if you’re interested in a time-saving tip and you don’t mind a little extra texture!

  60. 160

    i buy 2 bunches each of kale, spinach, and swiss chard; i clean them all, and toss them all in 3 gallon ziploc bags; i squeeze all the air out and flatten them; then I freeze them overnight. In the morning I take the 3 bags out, and crunch all the frozen leaves down (still in the bag); then I mix the 3 bags of frozen crunched up leaves in a big bowl; toss them and quickly return them to the gallon bags. this makes a lightning quick green smooothie in the morning – i throw in greens, a couple spoons of milled flaxseed, a half cup of stonyfield and a splash of agave nectar – top it off with almond milk and whip it up in the NutriBullet. Cold and delish – in 20 seconds!!

  61. 161

    Does anyone make their green smoothies with a stick hand blender, such as cuisinart? Does it do the job as well as a traditional blender? I use my stick blender for other types of smoothies as well as soups and anything else. Any opinions on cilantro instead of parsley? And does zucchini offer much nutritional value?

    • 162

      I’ve never tried blending this recipe with a stick blender, but you certainly could. My assumption is you won’t be able to get it as smooth as a blender would, so you might feel some larger pieces of kale and parsley while you drink.

  62. 163

    It’s so wonderful that you are being aware of the types of food you and your family are consuming. I’m wondering though, freezing foods in essence kills what ever life/energy/nutrients that may still be in them by the time we get them from farm-market-home-table, right. So really, wouldn’t the best Bang for you Buck/Time/Energy/Health be to find the time to make it all fresh? A guide to what types of food to avoid: Frozen, Left Overs. Unnatural, Nuked, Canned (FLUNC.) These processes kill the food long before consumption.

    • 164

      Making (and eating) everything fresh, when possible, is ideal – I agree! Unfortunately that’s not always possible for me, so as a busy working mom I need to find some shortcuts when I can. I’d much rather get some veggies into mine and my daughter’s belly this way versus not at all.

  63. 165
    Myshelle says:

    Ive been a freezer cooker for a long while not (mainly for the kids lunchboxes and school meals) and have recently started making smoothies, so this is right up both alleys! Went out and got some kale today, can’t wait until tomorrow to try it. This morning I had a mix of banana, yoghurt, milk, 2 ice cubes to keep it cold and a half a wheet bix. It tasted ok, but was missing something, a friend suggested cinnamon or vanilla. Will have to start keeping track of what Im blending up and share share share 😀 Well, the good tasting ones at least!

    As for the blender, I have a little $20 thing and it does just fine 😀 $400 for a blender? Nuh huh no thanks!

  64. 167

    This is the best idea ever! Simple, but brilliant!

  65. 169
    Dave Mitchell says:

    Freezing food in plastic. BAD IDEA! Little bits of the plastic break off into the food when freezing.

  66. 170
    shelley says:

    I was always under the belief that freezing greens , depleted some of the nutrient value.. Is this wrong??

  67. 171

    Nice idea except the waste of all that plastic. Not very green…… But this is our disposable generation.

  68. 174
    Art Scott says:

    If you had a VitaMix or similar blender you would not need to throw awy the most important part of your apples or other fruits and veggies…I do almost as you do, but I do not peel 99% of my fruits and veggies…after washing them to remove the wax and crap I taste the peel, if it is tart it is ok if it is gag me sour then I peel….. I have even used whole poms in my smoothies and they are almost always VERY VERY tart……the peel is where most of teh nutrition is ….

    • 175
      Art Scott says:

      I also for to mention that when I started on the smoothie routine I had went through (burned up) 6 blenders in one month… my VitaMix has been used for the last 8yrs with no problems aside from me not adding enough
      water at the beginning.

    • 176

      So far my trusty little ($30) Black and Decker blender (link in post) is doing the trick and still going strong! For my last batch of green smoothies I did not peel the apples, and I actually didn’t mind it too much. The drink had slightly more texture than I’m used to, but it’s a small trade-off for all that extra fiber and vitamins!

  69. 177

    I have noticed people using Chia seeds but will flax seeds work as well?

  70. 179

    Doesn’t freezing drastically reduce the efficacy of the nutritients?

  71. 180
    Crystal says:

    I read in the Jay Kordrich book for juiceing (The father of juiceing) that freezing dose reduce the efficacy of the nutrients and when juiceing to drink it rite a way or it looses its nutritional value.

  72. 181

    Well, just to report back, I have made my first few batches. I doubled the kale, (about 2.5 cups, 1 unpeeled apple, 1 banana, handful of parsley and 16 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I used my stick blender and was fine with the texture, but if someone is averse to a few flecks and bits then maybe they wouldn’t like it. I LOVED the taste. Thought I would like it but I LOVED it. Also, because the fruit and veggies were frozen it was cool and refreshing. Next day I threw in some whole flax seeds. I totally didn’t mind the extra crunch. I made a weeks worth of this combo. To mix things up, and since strawberries were on sale I put together another batch and yesterday had one made with 2 cups spinach, a cup or so of strawberries, banana, almond milk and flax. Again, a winner. Some other combos I put together and froze but didn’t try yet are variations with kiwi, more or less apple and strawberries, and I’m going to get some greek yogurt to alternate with my almond milk.

    • 182

      So happy to hear your stick blender worked and you loved the taste, Denise! The crunch from the flax seeds sounds interesting to me. I’ll have to give that a try. I’ve heard that it’s beneficial to “chew” your smoothies to get your saliva and enzymes going as you drink them – flax seeds would certainly help with that!

      • 183

        Love ‘chewing’ the smoothies. Still trying lots of stuff. Made a months worth. Combined variations of Kale and spinach,bananas ( the mainstays) , carrots, strawberries, parsley, apples, pears, apricots, mango, kiwi. Make with variety of unsweetened almond or coconut almond milk, add flax sometimes. By the way, I do not peel most of my fruit – mango is the exception… Stomach probs seemed only temporary due to other causes. Ready to add some Greek yoghurt, and other things. Have Agave nectar on hand for sweetener but never needed it. Love, Love, Love it.

        By the way

  73. 184

    Side note/additional question : The week before trying this, I was recovering from a 48 hr stomach bug. The last few days I have had stomach aches on and off. I am sometimes lactose intolerant which is why I use almond milk (and I simply do like the taste of it. ) I’m pretty sure the tummy aches are still after pangs of the virus, but am a little worried about the sudden change in the amount of greens perhaps upsetting my system. Any thoughts?

    • 185

      Oh gosh, I’m really not sure Denise. I’d try temporary eliminating whatever you think the offending food might be. After a few days or a week of being pang-free try adding it back in. If it’s the culprit your pangs will return and you’ll know. So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Hopefully it’ll pass soon!

      • 186
        vanessa says:

        I love to make green smoothie sherbet and my boys like the popsicles i make out of them tricks the mind i guess lol but great for summer days

    • 187
      Crystal says:

      I read in a Jay kordrich book (the father of green juiceing), that when starting the green juiceing you should drink it slowly like sip on it because your digestive system isn’t use to it and could upset your stomach! Also maybe try organic because they don’t use pesticides and maybe that is it. Or its gas pains!

  74. 188

    I love this! I’ve been making these for 2 days now and it solves the problem of morning prep. Would you mind if I posted about this recipe on my blog?

    • 189

      Hi Jen – thank you so much for asking!! You’re welcome to post a brief summary of this post, with a link back to my post to find out more – just please do not duplicate this post in its entirety. Thank you so much, and I’m so happy to hear you’re finding this technique helpful!

  75. 190
    galevee says:

    What are the nutritional values of this drink?

  76. 192
    vanessa says:

    I have my green smoothies every morning and my boys love when i make them green smoothie popsicles and green smoothie sherbet guess it helps for those i want ice cream days and when u are have a sweet tooth day i just add more fruit than greens when i make it that way

  77. 194
    lisette says:

    what about buying frozen kale or spinach?

  78. 196

    Green smoothies are a big goal for me this summer. I am starting by trying your recipe (and your freeze-the-prep tip) this week! Very excited! :) Thanks so much!

  79. 198

    How about green smoothies without any fruit?

  80. 200
    gigilindyLindy says:

    Dusty, what happens to the enzymes when you freeze veggies w/out blanching them?

    • 201

      I’m not sure, gigi. I’m not a nutritionist, but my take on it is this: fresh is best when you have the time, but when you’re crunched for time and trying to make healthy choices, enjoying a green smoothie made from frozen ingredients is way better than hitting up a drive-thru or a grab-and-go processed food item.

  81. 202

    I am so glad I found this website and all the great ideas for smoothies. I too have the vitamix which all blends vegetables into hot soup. Freezing everything ahead of time is a great way to avoid wasting fresh produce. Thanks for all the helpful hints for keeping my family healthy.

    • 203

      Hi Anna. I have a Viamix too which I use mostly for smoothies.
      Do u have a favorite hot soup recipe you would like to share?
      My fav smoothie is spinach, kale, 1/2banana, strawberries,
      grnd flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds and a few ice cubes
      and water. I feel better when I start my day this way.

    • 204

      My pleasure, Anna! Thank you so much for your comment!

  82. 205
    Katherine says:

    For those not wanting to use plastic, use glass mason jars. If you get seven you can just prep once a week and could even pour your smoothie back in for transport, storage or a frosted glass to drink from. I also use an inch of fresh ginger when fighting a cold. And celery, basil, cucumber, bok choy, sprouts, chia and hemp seeds have varying health benefits too. You can add almost anything!!

  83. 207

    This is a great idea! I have fibromyalgia and have trouble moving in the morning. Ironically, that is when I need my smoothie the most, so I am looking forward to having my prep work done ahead of time! Thanks!

    • 208

      I’m so happy to hear this idea could help you when you’re struggling with your fibromyalgia, Jane – that’s wonderful news! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope you are finding this bulk prep and freeze method helpful for you!

  84. 209
    Stefani says:

    Try a couple of cubes of raw beets, great nutrition and beautiful color:) Cinnamon, cocoa and vanilla are fun to mix it up. Also lemon juice works wonders to cut the veggie taste. You need a bit of fat to absorb certain nutrients, so add a few cashews or other nuts.

    • 210
      Stefani says:

      *I forgot cauliflower. It’s literally tasteless in a smoothie. A good way to get a cruciferous veggie in!

    • 211

      Great tips, Stefani! I’ve never tried nuts in my smoothie, but I love them so I’ll give that a shot! I also love cauliflower, although I’ve never heard of it being used in a smoothie. I’ll have to consider that as well. Do you cook it first or add it raw?

  85. 212

    This recipe is brillant! I am 25 weeks pregnant and just noticed (after making 6 bags) the parsley/pregnancy note.

  86. 214
    john coughlin says:

    I started with smoothies last summer, mostly fruit,berry, yogurt blends. Not only was I drinking a lot of calories but I also developed a sweet tooth that I never had. So I laid off until I came across this recipe, I just finished my first one (1/2 banana, more water) and I think this is going to work nicely….Thanks!

  87. 216

    I’m allergic to bananas – one of the mainstays of most smoothies it seems – we use mango, peaches and berries instead – I will definitely try with the kale and parsley or kale and spinach – I also liked the recommendations of avocado to replace it also …

  88. 217

    Hi, thanks for the great idea. I drink my green juice every morning as well, but I add celery, romaine lettuce, a pear for sweetness so my daughters drink it,and lime or lemon to take the leafy flavor away! I am totally making my baggies tomorrow! Thank you. Btw I got the recipe for my smoothie from Kim Snyder Beauty Detox Book.

  89. 218

    I done this since I hate going shopping every second or third day and as I was cleaning up the zip lock bags, I realised the opener bit on the bag was missing.

    Couldn’t find it anywhere so it must have fallen in the blender. Smoothie still tasted okay but just be careful of those bags!

  90. 220

    I love this idea, ima start to measure my veggies i use to start making extra in zip lock baggies.. Atleast for a weeks worth it helps :) but i have a question, does anyone know about how many cups of veggie smoothie should we be drinking a day? I usually make a fu blender which is about 5 cups but i only drink 2 a day since i also give some to my daughter and brother. Please help :)

  91. 222

    Is this still healthy? I mean are the veggies just as good as when you buy them? I dont know how to explain it. If anyone knows what im talking about please reply.

    • 223

      I’m not a nutritionist, but my take on it is this: fresh is best when you have the time, but when you’re crunched for time and trying to make healthy choices, enjoying a green smoothie made from frozen ingredients is way better than hitting up a drive-thru or a grab-and-go processed food item.

  92. 224

    You need to rotate your greens. Read the research out there. Nature puts toxins in greens to keep them from being eaten by animals. They build up in your body and will eventually make you (your daughter) sick. Switch it up to spinach, romaine, Bon Choy, etc. to remain healthy.

  93. 226

    I made a batch today. Is it suppose to be smooth because mine was not? Not a whole li t of flavor either. Within 2 min mine seperated water on bottom small particals on top. Blended itfor a long time & still same outcome. Any suggestions?

    • 227

      I’m not sure what to tell you regarding the smoothness or the separation, Ann. My blender (linked up in my post) does a great job of making them super smooth – almost like juice! I’ve also never had the problem of separation other than when I put a jar of it in the fridge to save for the next day. In that case I just shake it up before I drink it. Re: flavor – yes, this is a very mild flavored recipe which makes it a good starter recipe for people being introduced to green smoothies. I often say, “It doesn’t taste like anything!”

  94. 228

    love the idea of doing this for those on the go mornings, but a friend of mine told me you should not blend it and store in the fridge because it loses its nutritional value..something to do with enzymes? I will have to research this and find out exactly what I find …..

  95. 229

    This is a great idea! Thanks!

  96. 230

    I have heaps of sivler beet growing. would that be ok instead of kale or spinach.
    And does this green smoothie help loose weight?

  97. 232

    Sounds great. Going to give this a try.

  98. 233

    Does not freezing loose all the nutrients and enzymes value in vegetables and fruits?

    • 234

      I’m not a nutritionist, but my take on it is this: fresh is best when you have the time, but when you’re crunched for time and trying to make healthy choices, enjoying a green smoothie made from frozen ingredients is way better than hitting up a drive-thru or a grab-and-go processed food item.

  99. 235

    This is great and, I’m certainly going to do this however, it is NOT a month’s supply! :-/

  100. 237
    stacy anhorn says:

    I am going in for major surgery & I premade some green juices, I then froze them in mason jars, but I also like this idea of prepping the veggies & freezing, but I would freeze in mason jars as well. Another tip is instead of water add cooled green tea or matcha green tea powder, which is all of the green tea leaves ground to a fine fully consumable powder. I also do add chia seeds for fibre and protein. If I was going to add flax, I would grind first. I am now going to go make this prep for a month, as I was planning on doing a full month or two of juice/smoothies. Yes you will lose some nutritional values by freezing, but they would still be much more nutritious than buying store bought juice. And waaaaaay cheaper than buying freshly made smoothies from smoothie restaurants. I also rotate my greens & I heavily use cilanatro as it has such a refreshing taste. Another great thing to add is lemons and limes, they cut the green flavour if you find it strong & there is multiple health benefits to consuming them daily, one of them is they alkalize your system. I at times also do broccoli with the greens & I most days add cucumber too.
    Thank you for this fabulous idea!

  101. 239
    stacy anhorn says:

    one of my favourite recipes is:
    handful of kale or swiss chard, or spinach
    handful of parsley or cilantro
    one lemon or lime (I use a juicer, so I juice it whole)
    two oranges or apples
    three carrots
    an inch of ginger
    if I am feeling a cold coming on I also add a clove or two of garlic
    this usually juices enough for three servings, so if using whole for smoothies will make more
    then I usually add matcha green tea powder, or cold brewed green tea

  102. 240
    stacy anhorn says:

    I also freeze the individual size unsweetened greek yoghurt & then add them to the blender with my juices for extra protein & thickness

  103. 241
    Catherine says:

    kale, frozen berries, ground flax seeds, almond milk and yogurt… we’ve been having this for the past several month… it’s thick, creamy and filling esp if you add a scoop of whey protein.

  104. 242

    Invest in a Nutri-Bullet. Blends smooth and breaks cell walls :)

  105. 243

    I use frozen kale with a rib of celery added. Do not use the banana as I make a fresh fruit drink later in the day.
    Lately I have been adding chia seeds, cinnamon, a drizzle of raw honey and a teeny tiny bit of turmeric. I do not use yougurt, water or milk in the smoothie. Use cocounut water instead. Much more healthy for you too.
    Good Luck all!

  106. 244

    this all sounds great! Just curious as too how much nutrients are lost from freezing? ive heard you have to drink smoothies or juice within hours of making it or you lose the nutrients? any feedback on this?

    • 245

      I’m not a nutritionist, but my take on it is this: fresh is best when you have the time, but when you’re crunched for time and trying to make healthy choices, enjoying a green smoothie made from frozen ingredients is way better than hitting up a drive-thru or a grab-and-go processed food item. Also – someone recently posted above that this process is healthier than buying a bottle of juice in the store, which I thought was interesting!

  107. 246

    So funny story…I went to Target today to get ingredients to try making these–I even put real pants on in case I saw someone I knew. Anyway I was trying to find the kale and I heard an adorable little voice ask her mom if they could get flowers. I looked up, and it was you guys! I was all flustered (it was No Bra Sunday, after all, and I looked horrible) and couldn’t decide if I should introduce myself. I freaked, kind of smiled at you guys and then almost forgot what I was trying to get. I guess I’ll have to get over my shy-ness for the Wildtree party :)

    Anyway, I tried this tonight before freezing a batch for the morning and definitely didn’t blend it enough. I also didn’t get any parsley in my spaz out but added some spinach to the kale. Crossing my fingers that it’s a bit better in the morning as I think it’ll be a great way to start getting more vitamins!

    • 247

      Oh my goodness Katie – that is TOO FUNNY!! If you heard Kate asking that then you also heard me telling her “no” at least a dozen times in response, haha! #meanmommy I’m trying to decide if I’m bummed or grateful that you didn’t say hi. You may have been braless, but I had just finished up a 5 mile run and certainly looked the part – yikes! Either way, we will be meeting soon (YAY!!) and then there will be no excuses not to say hello during our next braless, sweat-filled encounter. (<-That’s not as exciting as it sounds, boys.) I hope you’re enjoying the smoothies and I’ll see you soon!

  108. 248
    Shannon R says:

    I like to buy an extra box of organic baby kale or spinach or whatever (already washed) and pop it right into the freezer. It’s so easy to grab a handful for things like this (smoothies, eggs, pasta sauce) right from the freezer.

  109. 250
    lindsaytredent says:

    This is brilliant! I found this on pinterest and think it’s the most genius idea ever. I drink green smoothies most mornings, but find that I do sometimes skip them due to the prep work. Can’t wait to try this out! Thank you!

  110. 252

    Thank you, what a great idea. My family also drink a lot of green smoothies but it takes a lot of time to prepare them every day. I froze my bananas to drink my protein cocoa-banana shake that I drink the days that I run for 45 minutes. Never thought about freezing other things such kale which I use for all my green smoothies. Now I’m drinking my smoothie with Parsley, cilantro & pineapple w/ 6-8 oz of water is so good & it has a good flavor. I drink it at least 2-3 times a day. I definitely will try to freeze other ingredients for my other green smoothies. Thank you so much!!!

  111. 254

    It was very helpful to suggest that we prepare a month’s worth of ingredients for green smoothies and save them in the freezer. Thank you.

  112. 255

    It’s not a good idea to wash & reuse plastic freezer bags. They can break down & release toxins in your food.

  113. 256

    Awesome! How in the world do you keep everything so clean and organized in the fridge and freezer.

  114. 257

    Please help I’m a newbie to green smoothies an decided to buy kale, spinach an other goodies to eat healthier. I saw a site where I can vita mix all my greens and freeze them in cupcakes pans to use when i need them (great thing) but I used the stem an all an it has such a strong almost metal/spicy taste so I need to know what I can mix it with to calm it down so i dont end up giving my outside plants some kale. Please any ideas will be so appreciated. Next time no stems for me lol oh the other trick beside the frozen green cupcakes :) was using a straw to suck the air out of my ziplock bags when i freeze my stuff, it works great.

    • 258
      stacy anhorn says:

      To cut the flavour I add 2 or 3 whole lemons or limes. Could also add apples or oranges for sweetness, just not orange peel. After afew days you will get used to& enjoy the flavour.

  115. 259
    Eboni Christie says:

    Also you can add oatmeal and chia seeds! Oh you can start batching large amounts of kale and spinach by making then into ice cube trays first!

  116. 260

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!!! Everyone I know is on the green smoothie kick, but I haven’t been able to use any of the mixes because they ALL have spinach in them and I am allergic to spinach!!! I will DEFINITELY use this recipe!!!

  117. 261

    That is such a great idea. I always freeze my kale but haven’t considered freezing all of the ingredients. One concern I’ve always had with my frozen kale is that it would lose some nutritional value since it’s no longer fresh. However, I have nothing to support that theory. Do you know if the ingredients will have the same nutritional value after being frozen? Just curious. Thx

  118. 262

    I love your blog – just stumbled on it today as i was searching for recipes for my new baby ….. Vitamix 5200S which i bought at costco. Nice Blog – beautiful kids, great recipes. Thanks

  119. 263
    Tara Brooks says:

    I just came across green smoothies last week and tried your recipe. I made up my freezer bags and went ahead and blended one up for the next morning (that way hubby could take it to work and the blender wouldn’t wake the kids) I thought it tasted fine considering we have never had them. However when I used one of the bags from the freezer it tasted way different. I couldn’t even get it down. Has anyone else noticed this, or is is just me?

  120. 264

    Just found your site and now I have a vitamiser I will try this one as well, am going to be busy when I get all the ingredients…love the site. Have already made banana, and other smoothies…

  121. 265
    Simply Griz says:

    I enjoyed reading this thread. Gleaned lots of good info. But I have to share that I’m amazed at the lack of adventure out there. I’ve been blending for almost two years now. Two meals a day blened and one cooked food. I burnt out my old Osterizer (think it was my grandmothers). Moved to a Nutrabullet and wore it out. Now I’ve upgraded to a VitaMix and never looked back.

    I guess I mix things up a lot more than most. I mix half greens and half other veggies and fruit. Start with my base greens. A mix of kale, collards, mustard and either parsley or cilantro. Add spinach when it looks good. Then I add a variety of different stuff. Often a half/half mix, or depends on my mood. I add Carrots, beets, broccolli, celerly, garlic, green onion, leeks, peas, cucumber, brussel sprouts, and/or red cabbage for veggies. And banana, apple, pear, orange (peeled), grapes, blueberries, strawberry, mix berry mix, mellon, mango, pineapple, and peaches for fruit. Top it off with chia seed, flax seed, almond or black walnuts, and whey powder. Blend it with just enough whater to make it fluid. Then as I drink it, I add more water. Start thick and finish clean.

    Keep at it folks. You only get one body. Treat it good. Live well.

  122. 266

    The apples turned brown quickly any is that ok to use still

  123. 267

    I am wondering about the nutrient exposure , when making them up in jars. I had heard that the nutrient value goes down after about 6 hours after it is made. If I use air tight containers do you think this will keep it potent? I make up about 48 ounces at a time and drink half for breakfast and like o put the rest in the fridge, and have it at night, either for supper, or my evening snack. but I having been wondering about the potency of the second drink. any ideas???anybody???

  124. 268

    For those that made the month supply, what was the estimate total cost for all of the ingredients?

  125. 269

    Genius! Thank you!!

  126. 270

    Can I ask the benefit of parsley? Love love this idea. Thank you ?

  127. 271

    Great idea, but I lost my appetite when seeing the child putting the food into the blender – kids have such dirty hands – why would you want your child’s fingers all over your food? Eewww.

    • 272

      How do you know her kid didn’t wash her hands first (which I’m sure her mother had her do before handling food). She’s adorable and is helping her momma stay healthy.

  128. 274

    Do organic greens need to be washed first? I’m not sure how to do this without them becoming water logged, and then having to dry with a paper towel. Wish I could just throw them in the blender without this step. Any tips on the best way to ensure they are clean? Thanks!

  129. 275

    It is a little unclear to me but the recipe above is that just for 1 (one) smoothie?

  130. 277
    beate gerhold says:

    Why not try differend vegies,I use cooked Beetroot,cucumber,apple,cellery,kale,spinat garlic,ginger,tumerc. I fill a big glass half full with blended vegies,and top up with sparkling Mineral or Soda water. yum.

  131. 278

    Hi Dusty, would you consider this a diet smoothie or a cleansing/detox smoothie?

  132. 280

    is it safe for early pregnancy to prepare bags of kale like this and then use from frozen? I’m so worried and can’t find info on it, but it seems a few pregnant women have been commenting here :)

  133. 282

    I love this idea and can’t wait to try it this weekend! Do you know a way to add calories to the smoothies? My husband is battling cancer and losing weight. I want him to drink green smoothies but he also needs to put some weight back on

  134. 284
    Melissa says:

    Anyone have any suggestions for Banana replacement? It has too many carbs and sugar for my current medical condition diet. I usually do protein shakes but have been wanting to mix things up a cpl days a week with green smoothies.

  135. 286

    I don’t see this mentioned anywhere, but do see a LOT of people eating raw Kale…it can actually be pretty unhealthy unless you cook it, due to the high goitrogenic properties of cruciferous vegetables :( I was really sad when I found this out, since raw kale was a staple in our green smoothies, It adds a step, but you really have to cook it or can cause some pretty serious issues – “The goitrogenic properties of kale become dramatically lessened when kale — or any other cruciferous vegetable — is cooked. (Other veggies in this category include: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kohlrabi, mustard, rutabaga, turnips, bok choy and Chinese cabbage. Arugula, horseradish, radish, wasabi and watercress are also cruciferous vegetables.” – http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2014/01/the-dark-side-of-kale-and-how-to-eat-around-it

  136. 287

    1 teaspoon of Acai, Maca and Pomegranate, Goji and Cocoa powder.
    1 tablespoon of Hempstead and Dulse (wild Atlantic sea vegetable).
    2 tablespoons of cold mill flax.
    1 banana
    1 shot of wheat grass
    1 cup of frozen berries
    3 leafs of Kale
    1 cup of Spinach
    1cup of Parsley
    1 cup of Almond milk I make from raw almonds and add organic vanilla and blue agave.
    if you can make it a habit to start your day with one everyday…it will change your life..you will feel better, look better and live a longer and just your overall well being.
    I use a Ninja for years but thinking I need a Vitamix. I put in pinapples, lemon juice and whatever fruits I have to take the green taste away.

  137. 288

    Fruits, vegetables, seafood are more nutritious then fresh because they are frozen immediately. I put trader Joe’s carrot balls in some of my smoothie packs also frozen mashed sweet potatoes. Smart and final has Dole brand mango, pineapple, and strawberry frozen (big) bags. Costco has fresh big bag spinach, kale and chard mix. So many smoothies to make. Also for those fellow kidney stone sufferers….3 pears a week helps and tastes good in smoothie.

  138. 289

    My understanding is fruits & veggies sold as “frozen” actually retain more nutrients than the ones bought “fresh” in the supermarket because they are frozen almost immediately after they are harvested.
    Flax seeds ~ the shell/outer covering is too hard for the digestive system to breakdown, so they basically leave the body in the same form they entered the body. While it does no harm, it also gives no benefit. Best to “mill” (grind up) before using to reap the most benefit.
    Orange juice ~ many juices on the market have sugar or other additives. I prefer to use a real orange. I peel and separate into sections and then freeze them.
    I freeze most everything ~ fresh pineapple (cored by me), beets (roots, stems & leaves), apples (skins intact, seeds removed), kale, chard, bananas, grapes, lemons, limes, oranges, avocados, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, coconut meat (from young Thai coconuts), and much more. I’ve had no problems with this. The only things I haven’t frozen (yet) is celery, carrots and tomatoes.

    I LOVE fresh coconut water. I buy the young Thai coconuts, break them open and get the delicious, nutritious water inside & remove the meat which I eat immediately or store in a glass jar in the fridge. I’ve even frozen some to use in smoothies. Yum.

    Chia seeds are a daily staple in my smoothies. They can even be soaked in water to form a ‘gel’ and used as a pudding, or even a thickener in gravies.

  139. 290
    Barbara says:

    I find I don’t use up all my kale and spinach before it starts to go yellow or slimy so I came up with this method. I combine kale and spinach into my blender with a little water and blend for just enough seconds to reduce a bit. I then pour into ice cube trays. When they are frozen I pop them out and put them into a freezer bag. This way when I’m making my smoothie I just grab how many cubes I need. No more wasted kale and spinach.


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