Photo Recap: June 2013

June 2013

June 6:  It was such a thrill to see my kitchen featured in another month of The Tile Shop ads – what a surprise!

June7:  I attended my second Wildtree Freezer Meals party and became officially hooked.  You can read more about the concept in this post and there’s still time to join me for my party if you’re interested – I’ve extended the deadline (and seating in my house) and am signing people until Monday!

June 9: G and I take Kate to her first parade (Verona Hometown Days), fulfilling one of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.  Like every other red-blooded American child, Kate’s favorite part was running out to get candy!

June 10:  Kate started her first gymnastics class at The Little Gym in May (mid-session) and this was her first “end of session” gymnastics show!  Kate was the newest gymnast in class (and wasn’t too crazy about the idea of performing in front of an audience at first) but overall she did a wonderful job!  Kate’s cheering section included me, G, Grandma Pam, Grandpa Steve, and my sister Amanda. At the end of the show Kate skipped up to the riser to get her medal, jumped off and cheered, “Ta-da!”  We were so proud of her!

June 13:  G got a new car!  I was thrilled for him to finally get rid of his old POS and drive around in something that (1) didn’t smell, (2) had air conditioning, and (3) didn’t smell.  G’s new car is gold, and as much as I love his new car over his old one, I can’t resist teasing him that he drives an “old person car” now. The day after he brought it home, a brochure for a senior citizen’s assisted living facility came in the mail, and Kate came home from daycare with G’s Father’s Day gift filled with Werther’s Originals candy. Coincidence?  (I think not.)

June 14:  I was so excited to hit 1,000 followers on Instagram!  Join the picture party and follow along with me here!

June 15:  We kicked off our Father’s Day weekend celebration with Breakfast on the Farm – a statewide tradition throughout Wisconsin in June.  G and I enjoyed unlimited pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausages and assorted cheeses, while Kate licked the butter and syrup off her pancake and ended with vanilla ice cream – that’s how we do in Wisconsin!

June 16:  It was Father’s Day, and Kate and I celebrated the best Daddy a daughter (and her mom) could ever ask for!

June 23:  G, Kate and I made a (7 hour!) drive down to Indianapolis and kicked off our trip with a visit with his Aunt Anne (whom Kate calls “Aunt Mimi”) and Uncle Dick, G’s cousin Chris, her husband Blake and their children, and G’s cousin Scott, his wife Lisa, and their children.  It was a house full of blond-haired, blue eyed cuties and Kate blended right in as we met 7 of these littlest cousins of ours for the first time!

June 24:  Time to say goodbye to Aunt Mimi and Uncle Dick’s house and check into our hotel.  Can you believe all the stuff we travel with for only 3 nights away from home?!

June 25:  This day kicked off my first full day immersed in the Delta Faucet Company’s exclusive 2013 Blogger Event!  I’m currently pulling together a recap post, so for now I’ll say it was an experience that far surpassed anything I could have imagined.  In addition to learning so much about the Delta brand and their innovative technology, I also had the pleasure of meeting 14 fabulous bloggers from all around the country!  Pictured here is Gail from My Repurposed Life, Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady, me, and Jamie from That’s My Letter right before we completed our first faucet install.

June 26:  Day 2 with Delta!  Everyone we met from Delta Faucet Company was so hospitable, interesting, and kind that I was sad to say goodbye.  After all we learned about Delta’s brand, technology, and company, I’ll be a Delta faucet buyer for life.  Now that I’m an informed consumer, I can’t wait to share the knowledge – my recap is coming soon!

June 27:  Back at home in Madison, WI to welcome a delivery truck arriving with our new living room furniture!

June 29:  G, Kate, Grandpa Steve, Grandma Pam and I enjoyed a sunny afternoon at the carnival that was in G’s parents’ town for the weekend.  Grandma and Grandpa took her to parade that morning, and then the five of us wandered the carnival while Kate rode the kiddy rides and sweet-talked her Daddy into playing carnival games to win her three purple stuffed animals – every purple-loving three-year-old’s dream!

June 30:  We ended our month with a relaxing afternoon at a local pool.  I’m allergic to chlorine and get sick if I get too much sun (jealous much?) so I lounged in the shade with a good book while Kate and G splashed the afternoon away in the water.  It was a wonderfully relaxing way to end a fun-filled month!

What were some of your highlights in June?

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