Staging Tips

Listing your home for sale anytime soon? You likely know the basics of getting it ready for listing photos or a showing, but beyond cleaning and decluttering, check out my recent article for a few extra home staging tips that will take your home from ho-hum to sold!


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    Carla B. says:

    Good tips! It may sound crazy, but I try to look at my house with a “seller’s eye”. If we put our house on the market tomorrow, what would need to be done first? That’s not to say that we live in a museum (anyone with realistic tips on how to keep a home clean and organized with a 3 year old and a 7 month old?!), but it definitely helps me get rid of clutter.

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      That’s super impressive, Carla! I wish I had been doing that for the past couple of years – it’d certainly save us all the work we have ahead of us now to get our house ready to sell. Those little things definitely get away from you once kids enter the picture! Good for you, girl! (And good luck keeping clean and organized with the little ones! I only have one and I can’t manage it – IDK how moms of more than one do it!)

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