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Kate’s 1 Year Photo Shoot

Kate had her one year photoshoot with Andrea Elberg–the fabulous photographer who also took Kate’s pictures when she was a newborn, 3 months old, and 7 months old.  Kate is a little girl on the move, and despite the fact that sitting in one place is a rarity these days, Andrea still captured some really wonderful and beautiful moments!

Kate with her teddy bear:

Andrea snapped this picture of me and Kate at the end of Kate’s session when I picked her up and cheered her for a job well done.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to look at this picture without getting all choked up, but certainly not anytime soon!  I will treasure this photograph forever.

Me and my girl!

Dusty Rogers

Dusty Rogers

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  1. Beautiful pictures! But… where’s Kate’s crazy hair??! I love, love, love the pic of you two at the end. Stunning!

  2. I was wondering the same thing! I love the pic. with the pom poms…so cute! The last photo really is a beautiful pic.

  3. That last photo is wonderful! I love the one of her reading too.

  4. Those pictures are all lovely, but the last one…PERFECTION. That always seems to be the moment I’m trying to capture. I’m sure you will cherish it forever.

  5. The last one is my very favorite too. How lovely that she caught that moment.


  6. These pictures are adorable! :) I, too, am “bummed” that Kate’s hair is starting flatten out. She’s getting so big!

  7. So adorable-especially the last one which is surely one to treasure. Thanks for sharing. Loved the pics from her first party, too. I’ll be saving those ideas for when I have a little one.

  8. She did a great job with the photos – they’re beautiful. Especially that last one.

  9. OMG I die at how cute the second and last photos are!!!!!!

  10. Love the last one and the one of her reading. So cute!

  11. What a cutie!!!

  12. Those are just so sweet and I especially love that last one too. A moment that will be a memory forever… so sweet!

  13. love the one with Mommy – you should get that museum wrapped on canvas!! My other fave is the one of her looking at her book!! Great Pics!

  14. Love the photos with the book!

  15. Beautiful pictures. The last one choked me up too.

    Take Care,

  16. Beautiful pictures of Kate!! She has really grown up so much!!!


  17. I can’t believe Kate is getting so big!! I’m a loyal G&D(&K) lover and your funny week-by-week pregnancy got me through my pregnancy! :)

    Where did you get that amazing toy for Kate? I LOVE it…and I want it! For my son, Oliver, of course…or for me. haha.

  18. wow, she is simply gorgeous!

  19. OHHHHH my gosh. She’s just lovely D. Leave it to you and G to make such a gorgeous little baby! I can’t believe she’s a year old!!

  20. So cute! I really love the ones with the books- must be the teacher in me. :-) The last one of the two of you is also precious. Candid shots are always the best ones.

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