Kate: 25 Months

Kate: 25 Months


Kate peed in the potty!

Well, technically, she “tinkled” in the potty since that is what she has decided to call it.

“Kate tinkled in the potty!” she announces with glee–and you better believe we’re right there cheering along with her!  The last time Kate peed on the potty was when she was 15 months old, so we’ve been waiting a long time to hear those tinkles again!

Even though Kate first showed interest in the potty at 15 months old, we weren’t consistent about putting her on it, and eventually she lost interest.  We started putting her back on the potty a little more consistently at 21 months old, and since then we’ve tried to put her on at least once per day.  We don’t push it—we just ask and if she says yes, we sit her on there; if she says no, we don’t.  Our potty routine consists of Kate sitting on the potty and one of us sitting on the step stool in front of the potty to read Kate a book.  As you can see in the photo above, Kate has decided to implement a similar routine for Puppy.

Kate came down with an awful rash this month.  We weren’t sure if it was a reaction to soap, a food allergy, or a virus, and her pediatrician’s office was equally as stumped.  We tried all sorts of creams to help it and eventually she was prescribed antibiotics.  That damn rash lingered for over a month (even after she finished antibiotics!) and we still have no clue what caused it.  During that time, G and I tried everything we could think of to give her skin some relief—including letting her run around the house without any clothes on.

This is where this month’s potty success comes in.

Kate’s diaper area looked so awful from the rash that we decided we’d rather deal with accidents around the house than have her wear a diaper.  We asked her to let us know when she needed to pee and we’d put her on the potty, even though we didn’t think she actually would.

Well she did!

During this bare-bottomed time she did have a few accidents, but for the most part when she realized she had to pee she asked us to sit her on the potty and she peed in the potty.  We were so proud of her!  I even put her down for naps without a diaper on and she woke up nice and dry.  We’re definitely getting closer on this potty training thing!

After a month of being rashy and in and out of the clinic, it’s no surprise that one of Kate’s favorite things to do right now is practice playing doctor.  She grabs the digital thermometer, puts it under her armpit and proudly announces, “I take my temp!”  She loves pretending to be a doctor so much that G bought her a toy doctor’s kit.  She wears the stethoscope around her neck like a necklace, holds the other end to chest and says, “I check my heart-beep.

Kate (25 Months) checking her “heart-beep.”


Her imagination is really starting to take off!  One day at lunch she was eating a taco, and it was falling apart, so I ripped the tortilla shell and rolled a little section of it around a piece of hamburger to give her a bite-sized piece.  I handed it to her and she looked at it carefully and stated, “It looks like a penguin!”

“Oh my goodness,” I replied with surprise, “It does look like a penguin!”

She then proceeded to bounce her little tortilla penguin across her plate, singing, “Waddle, waddle, hop, hop!”

Kate continues her love of cars and trucks.  For Valentine’s Day she received a Cars valentine with a picture of Lighting McQueen and Mater on it.  She’s never seen the movie and had no idea who Lightening and Mater are, but she carried that valentine with her everywhere she went.  After a week of this (and after hearing from my friend Saz that Cars is a great first movie for kids since there are no scary parts) Kate and I went to Target and I bought her her very first movie.  It was love at first sight for Kate.  She loves watching the opening race scene again and again and again, and shouts, “Cars go fast! Cars go fast!” as they speed around the track.  It’s been a great distraction for her while she recovers from her rash, and G and I really like the movie, too!

We’ve spent a lot of time cuddling this month since Kate hasn’t been feeling well, and my favorite is when she asks, “Hold you like a baby?”  (Which to her means “Hold me like a baby.”)  The first time she asked me to cradle her in my arms and hold her “like a baby” I swear I felt my milk coming back in.  “Okay!”  I replied with way too much enthusiasm.  Since then, she asks us to “hold you like a baby” all the time and we never turn her down.

As much as I want to think of her as still being my little tiny baby, she is definitely growing up.  This month Kate stopped using a booster seat at the kitchen table and just sits on the chair “like a big girl” now.  We were also finally able to push her bedtime back a little bit, which means we finally have enough time in the evenings to sit down and eat dinner together “as a family!”

Here is Kate’s current schedule, changing for the first time in nearly a year!

6:30am:  Wakes up
7:00am:  Breakfast
7:45am:  Leave for daycare (3 days/week)
9:00am:  Morning snack
11:00am:  Lunch
12:00pm:  Nap (if she takes one; she’s decided “no naps!” lately)
5:00pm:  Gets home from daycare (3 days/week)
6:00pm:  Dinner
7:00pm:  Start bedtime routine, bath
7:30pm:  In bed and quickly sleeping

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  1. 1

    Mater: “He did WHAT in his cup?” Love that movie – and that line still makes me laugh after 100+ times! YAY for Kate on the potty!!!! Hope that rash never returns!

  2. 2

    Oh man, she is so cute! I am glad to read of how you are working on potty training with her. I haven’t started that yet… Well, I guess you could say I have since I just bought my 18 month-old a potty chair, but he thinks it is a “dum” (drum) and he constantly takes it apart, turns it upside down and drums on it. I think it’s clear he isn’t ready for it, but that’s okay, I just want him to get used to it for now and get an understanding of what it’s for. :) I love all your posts about your cute little Kate (also love her name; it’s on my baby girl list some day ;))! Being a mom is the greatest thing in the world!

  3. 3

    @Kadi: That part makes me laugh every time, too! I was just quoting that line to G–so funny you mentioned it!

    Thank you Britt. Good luck to you on PT your son! I agree–there is NOTHING better than being a mom. Aren’t kids so much fun?!

  4. 4

    I was going to say you are going to know the words to that movie backwards and forwards! My son also loves Cars and rather than quoting the latest movies (last movie I saw was Water for Elephants – doh!), we just quote Cars now. “We got ourselves a nodder!” There are so many great lines in that movie – love it. Enjoy – love reading your blog and am excited to try your recipes!

  5. 5

    Thank you, Jen! And I agree–there are so many great Cars lines!

  6. 6
    Carla B. says:

    I think I’m going to start calling it a “heart beep”. So stinkin’ cute! :)

  7. 7

    Hahaha, thanks Carla!

  8. 8

    Aww, I love her! She is SO sweet! “Heart beep” is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. I still can’t believe she’s such a big girl!

  9. 9

    Aww, thank you Carla!

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