Wine Cures All, Right?

Just got back from the doctor’s office. I’ve been dealing with this utterly unattractive facial lesion on my face for what seems like forever. Okay, maybe “facial lesion” is a little dramatic, but it’s a disgusting blistering-turned-scabby sore just below the lower corner of my lip. Alright, now that I spell it out I think “facial lesion” is a quite suitable term.

I initially thought it was a cold sore but I went to the doctor and they diagnosed it as impetigo, which is a bacteria infection (versus a cold sore, which is a virus). So I got some prescription anti-bacterial cream, used it for a few days and it went away. But over the next several months it kept coming back. And of course at the most inopportune times–my sister’s 30th birthday party, a class reunion, my cover shoot for Vogue–so I went back to the doctor’s office. This time they did a lab test to rule out that it was viral. Test completed. Not viral. So I went on antibiotics. Lesion cured. Until a few months later of course, when it came back. Returned to the doctor a THIRD time just for them to say, “It’s impetigo. Use the cream. It shouldn’t come back.”

Well guess what medical geniuses?? It’s back.

So today I saw a dermatologist who was thankfully, yet frustratingly, honest with me–she doesn’t know what it is. Could be viral. Could be bacterial. She tested for both and I should find out in a week. In the meantime she told me to keep using the antibacterial cream and she prescribed me an antiviral medication. She informed me I needed to take the medication with lots of fluids.

So tonight I’m drinking a bottle of wine. Doctor’s orders.

And because I know you’re all dying to see it–here’s a picture. Which I’ve resized to not appear super huge when you click on it. I still have some pride left.

And can you tell I’m very concerned? This is how wrinkles happen.

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  1. 1

    Wine is the same as water, right?
    :) Good luck with the new doctor and hopefully it goes a way for good – soon!

  2. 2

    good lord those are some gorgeous striped walls!!

    (i’m sorry, was there something else to that photo….?)

  3. 3

    Good luck getting it diagnosed!

    But you’re still as cute as ever : )

  4. 4

    Thank goodness you don’t hold back, you inspire bloggers everywhere to just put it all out there.

  5. 5

    Hmm I hope the doctor can give you something to make it better. I hate having that stuff when wearing make up too, it just highlights it more.

    Put some Windex on it :)

  6. 6

    Owie! Hope they figure it out and you can banish the lesion for good.

  7. 7

    hahah! i love how now all of your ads are for herpes! Your blog is tainted

    Sorry it won’t go away..hopefully the new doc will figure it out and make it go away

  8. 8

    Awww…thanks Janny! And Joi! I feel a little better now. šŸ˜‰

    LOL bayjb–maybe Windex is the cure I need!! What movie was that from again? I can’t remember…

    Sam–where’s that little green “flipping you off” guy when I need him? :finger

  9. 9

    You are too funny D. Your posts always make me laugh. And how is it that you look cute in that pic, even with a facial lesion, LOL?!

  10. 10

    Facial lesions never looked so good. And your lashes are to.die.for!! What’s your secret?!

    I seriously LOL every time I read one of your posts.

    Hope they figure out what it is soon!!

  11. 11

    Ouch! That is no good. I would highly recommend at least one or two glasses of wine a day until that clears up. Now, I am no medical expert, but even if it doesn’t clear it up you will sure feel better.

  12. 12

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding :)

    Gotta love the “practice” of medicine. Sometimes its a little too obvious they are practicing huh?

  13. 13

    You are so brave. I would be at the doctors crying on the floor that I have flesh eating bacteria until they finally saw me and gave me a real diagnosis.

  14. 14

    oh no! how frustrating :(
    Hope the wine was good!

  15. 15

    You’ve received an award! Check out my blog for details. You little award-winner you.

  16. 16

    Thanks everyone! Still no word from the “doctors” yet, but they said it could be a week before I hear back. So in the meantime I’m pretty sure the wine is doing the trick!

    Freckles–thank you so much! I’m a total mascara whore. It’s my must have. I don’t have any tricks really. I just curl them with an eyelash curler and then load them up with mascara. I’m using Cover Girl VolumeExact right now. I’ve tried a bunch but that one’s my fav. HTH!

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    maybe its a fungus?

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