What’s In Kate’s Lunch Bag?

I’ve got one heck of a picky eater on my hands these days. She used to be so good at eating whatever I put in front of her, but ever since she’s learned how to form words she’s also formed this pesky little thing called an opinion.

Here’s what she doesn’t like: vegetables (no surprise), macaroni & cheese (what kid doesn’t like mac & cheese?!), bread (which rules out sandwiches–she’s cutting me off at the knees with this one!), and 99% of the time she refuses to eat pizza even though she loves cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni (sigh).

Here’s what she does like: Chips.

You see my predicament.

I pack Kate’s lunches on the days she attends daycare (3 days/week), and I thought I might start sharing some of them because I’m fairly certain I’m not the only parent struggling with the “What to pack for my child’s lunch?” dilemma.

Here’s one of her lunches from last week:

1.  Strawberries
2.  Honey and banana-flavored Greek yogurt
3.  Two tortilla triangles spread with marinara sauce and filled with colby jack cheese and Applegate Naturals pepperoni slices.  This “tortilla sandwich” is my current answer to Kate’s adversity toward both sandwiches and pizza, and so far it’s a huge hit.

So that’s a little peek inside Kate’s lunch bag–let me know if you’d like to see more!

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    Hi, I definetly want to see more! My name is Debbie, I live in Scotland UK, and we have a two year old, Gracie……..she is the worlds WORST eater! Like Kate, all she wants is chips (we call them crisps here!)…….I am at my wits end with it, any tips would be most appreciated.

    Never commented before but love your blog :)

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    Anonymous says:

    I’d love a series on this! I have a 21 month old with a few food allergies so I provide his breakfast, lunch and snack for daycare daily. I often feel like he’s bored with what I send and would love some new ideas!

    Thanksfully, aside from not being a vegetable fan he eats almost everything else I put in front of him. He also used to HATE macaroni & cheese. However, recentely (within the last 2 months) began to change his mind on that one! :) There is hope!

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    Anonymous says:

    Hi! At first William was the same but now that he’s getting older he’s eating more selection. Like Kate, he hated sandwiches. So a couple of months ago, I made him a Pb&J and he loves them. Of course cut the crust. Now we have venture to ham & cheese. I think what helps is that he sees me eating it and curious so he had to give it a go. I also love to make him torillas with mexican tuna and cheese. It’s one of his fave.

    Xx Susan

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    yep i want to see more too…

  6. 6

    More Please!!!!

  7. 7

    Food ideas for toddlers are always appreciated! Would love to see more of Kate’s lunches so I can get ideas for my 22-month-old.

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    Yes! Please share more. I have a two and almost five year old that go to PDO one day a week and have to take lunch. They both love veggies but they have to be cooked, and of course the 2 yo only eats fruit and crackers. We’re working on cheese. They like it if its melted! Ps love the 31 thermal tote!

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    Yes! Please share more. I have a two and almost five year old that go to PDO one day a week and have to take lunch. They both love veggies but they have to be cooked, and of course the 2 yo only eats fruit and crackers. We’re working on cheese. They like it if its melted! Ps love the 31 thermal tote!

  10. 10

    I’d LOVE to see more! Garrett also doesn’t like mac n cheese and most veggies, so I feel you. He also used to eat ANYthing I put in front of him (except mango) and now it’s like pulling teeth to get him to eat anything except PB&H’s or strawberry yogurt.

    He has been surprising me lately though. The other day he started chowing down on the asparagus I cooked and said “YUM! This is good, mom!” And I nearly fell out.

    He also will eat more veggies if I let him dip them in ranch. So that’s my compromise most days.

    Show me anything you’ve got, sister. The granola bars you found are now my go-to snack.

  11. 11

    Yes! I have a 4 and a 18 mo old…always looking for new ideas…currently all my 18 old will eat is grilled cheese and yogurt :)

  12. 12

    Amen! It’s good to know that it’s not just my kid who decided to be picky! He used to eat EVERYTHING. Now he decided he doesn’t like chicken or noodles or anything with marinara sauce. All he wants to eat is cheese and yogurt. I’d love to see more ideas. :)

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    Anonymous says:

    yes, please post more! I have a picky eater as well and I’m at my wit’s end!

  14. 14

    Thank you for the feedback everyone! I’m glad so many of you find this idea helpful (although I’m not glad to hear so many of us are dealing with picky eaters!). I’ll be sure to continue snapping pics of Kate’s lunches when I pack them and I’ll share them over the weekend. Stay tuned!

    @Debbie–So glad you commented! I love that you call chips “crisps” there. I may have to start!

    @Anonymous–So happy to hear there’s hope. I’m certainly not giving up! I’m sorry to hear about your son’s allergy, but that’s so great that he’s not a picky eater. You deserve to have a good eater on your hands consider you have a food allergy to work around!

    @Susan–I tried PB&Js with Kate (and even cut them into a star shape and called them “star sandwiches” hahaha) but she still wouldn’t eat them. I’ll keep trying though!

    Thanks Kristy! I recently blogged about Kate’s Thirty-One thermal tote during my recent giveaway–I love it!

    @Beth–Don’t you HATE that?! I almost wish she’d have been a picky eater from the beginning so I wouldn’t have to get frustrated and say, “But you used to LOVE avocado/green beans/cauliflower/veggie pizza,” etc. Drives me nuts! I hadn’t thought to offer Kate PB&Hs. Thanks for the suggestion! That’s AWESOME that G liked the asparagus! I’ve tried offering Kate dips with her veggies but that doesn’t entice her either. Again–what kid doesn’t like to dip?! So glad the granola bars continue to be a hit in your house. They’re a daily fav in ours, too!

  15. 15

    Per the advice of a friend, I picked up a bag of plantain chips from Trader Joe’s this weekend. They do kind of taste like chips, but the only ingredients are plantains, sunflower oil, and salt!

  16. 16

    My toddler is the same way, only perhaps worse.
    He won’t touch any kind of pasta, including mac and cheese.
    He will eat pizza, though. And chicken. That’s about it.

  17. 17

    I would love this! I need more ideas for our 16-month old’s lunches. He is a picky eater right now as well.

    I am searching for the recipe for these granola bars…have you posted a link??

  18. 18

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’d definitely like to see more, especially from a mom who shares my nutrition infatuation. My daughter would eat anything, and now she’s starting to get a little picky (or, more accurately, finicky — pears are the bee’s knees one day and her kryptonite the next), so any new ideas would be much appreciated!

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    Anonymous says:

    Thank GOODNESS my 2 yr old likes PB&J, since that’s about the only consistent thing. Broccoli is the only veggie she eats. Surprisingly she LOVES hummus. Kids aren’t dumb though, are they- they quickly grow wise to the fact that they don’t have to eat anything they don’t want to- if they like the dip, they can just suck of off the the veggie/cracker and avoid the issue. :) Rascals. And frustrating!

  20. 20

    I would love to see more of these types of posts; like everyone else I’m always looking for new ideas to feed my toddler.

    He isn’t too picky but like Kate he won’t eat bread. Have you tried pita bread? My grocery store sells mini wheat pitas and he will eat those stuffed with almost anything (it’s the only way I get chicken in him…).

  21. 21

    YES – more please!

    I have to pack my 22 month old son’s lunch every single day and I’ve flat run out of ideas other than cut up hot dogs and meatballs. He hasn’t caught on to the concept of biting into food so sandwiches are out of question. I bought great little lock and lock containers with compartments inside – it’s easy to keep food seaparted. Packing the lunch is the only easy part!

  22. 22

    Thanks for the tip, Beth. I need to swing by Trader Joe’s tomorrow so I’ll be sure to check those out!

    I feel your pain, Robyn. Ugh.

    @Gia: I haven’t blogged about them yet, but plan to soon! It’s a great recipe from one of my favorite blogs: Our Family Eats. Here’s a link: http://www.ourfamilyeats.com/2011/04/06/easy-homemade-granola-bars/

    @Julie: I love meeting another nutrition-obsessed mom–makes me feel a little less crazy, lol!

    @Carey: I’ve been trying to get Kate to eat broccoli and hummus, but so far no luck. You’re so right about them figuring us out, those little smartypants!

    @Unknown: I actually haven’t tried pita bread yet–thank you so much for the tip! I’ll look for those tomorrow when I stop at TJ’s!

    @3Fites–Kate was the same way about not wanting to bite into anything! Isn’t that strange?! She is just now (at 27 months) starting to actually bite pieces of food off with her mouth. Up until now I’ve either had to cut everything up into bite-sized pieces, or she’d tear it into bite-sized pieces and then put it in her mouth. Thankfully she’s finally catching on so I’m hoping sandwiches will be an option for her soon. :fingers crossed:

  23. 23

    Where did you get her lunch bag? It is SO cute!

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    I am going to send you a copy of the menu from my little one’s preschool. I think you may love it. They eat REALLY well. Plus it may give you some ideas.


  25. 25

    @Anne Marie: It’s the “small thermal tote” from Thirty-One. I’ve had it for almost a year now and I love it! Scroll down to my latest giveaway post for some Thirty-One free shipping/free gift offers that are good between now and April 27th!

    @jbhat: I’d love that! Thank you!

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