Kate: 27 Months

Kate: 27 Months (a.k.a. Incognito Toddler!)


One of mine and Kate’s favorite activities on our “Momday” is to hit up the accessories section at Target. Kate loves accessories, and there is certainly no shortage of hats, oversized sunglasses, colorful necklaces, and sparkly bracelets for her to try on while we’re there! She sits in the front of the shopping cart and points to what she’d like to test out.  I pull her selections off their hooks, hand them to her, and she adorns herself with delight!

Hats and sunglasses (as seen above) are typically short-lived – she puts them on, checks her reflection in the mirror, and then quickly returns them to me – but bracelets and necklaces have the real staying power. Kate picks out beautifully beaded necklaces (no chain necklaces allowed since I don’t want to mess with tangles) and as many colorful bracelets as she can, lining both of her arms from wrist to elbow.

And then we shop.

We stroll through the aisles filling our cart with groceries and home goods– me in my Mom Uniform of a t-shirt and jeans, and Kate, looking like she just raided a treasure chest.  I ooh and ahh over her favorite pieces in between reading nutrition labels and ignoring bewildered looks from other shoppers.

Oh we have so much fun!

Just before it’s time to check-out and leave, we return to the accessories section and the fun continues as we make a game out of finding where each piece belongs, and one by one we put her precious treasures away . . . until next time!

We have just as much fun on our Momdays when we visit the mall! Our mall is usually pretty empty on Monday mornings so I let Kate run down the wide walkways and into whichever store she’d like to “explore.” It’s usually the stores with fun, loud music that catch her attention as she wanders in, stops a bit to listen to the song and then continues her exploration, admiring pretty stacks of colorful shirts, mannequins (which must seem so strange to her), mirrors, dressing rooms, and, of course, all that fun jewelry!

It was during one such “mall exploration” day that Kate wandered into The Limited (a women’s clothing store) and enjoyed their music so much that she danced her way all throughout the store – even dancing with a mannequin!


(Have I mentioned how much I love having a daughter?)

We have as much fun outdoors these days as we do indoors. She loves playing with bubbles and swinging at the playground – add the two together and she’s having the time of her life! We blow bubbles in her path as she swings, and she squeals with delight and shouts, “Look out for me, bubbles!” as she swings through them. She also loves kicking and throwing a big beach ball around the backyard, and searching for “crabby” (a plastic toy crab) that we bury in her sandbox while she covers her eyes and resists peeking.

Kate’s love of Mickey Mouse continues and she loves watching a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD that Grandma Pam bought her. Kate stays home and Grandma Pam comes to care for her every Wednesday, and on one these days Pam was trying to open up a jar and casually remarked, “Grandma can’t get this jar open, Kate.”

To which Kate replied, “Maybe we need a Mousekatool!”

Other fun things she’s been saying this month are, “What’s going on here?!” and “What’s going on today?!” with the emphasis on ‘on,’ making her sound like an exasperated little adult.

She has also learned how to spell her name and will march around the house saying, “K-A-T-E spells Kate!”

We continue to work on manners and Kate is beginning to use the phrases “excuse me” and “excuse us” properly, which I’m so proud to hear!

It was during Kate’s 27 month that G and I went on our Seattle trip; the two of us both leaving Kate for the second time in her life. I was a bit of a mess during our first vacation since becoming parents, and a total bundle of nerves leading up to this vacation – but thankfully, we all had a wonderful time! G and I enjoyed visiting his sister Lesley and (her now fiancé!) Ben, and Kate had so much fun at home with Grandma Pam and Grandpa Steve that she could barely be bothered to waste valuable playtime Skyping with her parents.

Kate loves putting puzzles together so the souvenir we brought back for her from Seattle was a United States puzzle with fun graphics for each state, depicting things that state is known for (e.g. the Space Needle in Seattle, WA). Putting this puzzle together has become one of Kate’s favorite activities this month and she’s learning a ton in the process! She knows she lives in “Madison, Wisconsin” and can identify it on the map. She also knows that Aunt Lesley and Ben live in Seattle and Aunt Mimi lives in Indianapolis, and she can find both of those spots on the map, too!

Other favorite toys/activities this month include her new Fisher-Price Little People Zoo that Daddy surprised her with one day, her Lighting McQueen race car, bubbles, riding her bike outside, and playing with Mommy’s umbrella.

Want to know what else Kate is loving right now?  I’ll let her tell you herself – apparently it’s much more fun than napping!


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    of course she is a total fashonista, just like her Mommy!


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    I have to go to Target today and I’m so going to take my daughter through the accessories section before we do the bulk of our shopping. What fun!

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    Um how adorable is “Its my favorite hedgehog!” Too cute!

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    Have you heard of Fancy Nancy? Really cute books written by Jane O’Connor about a girl named Nancy who LOVES all things fancy.


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    I love your momdays, what a blast! If my MIL had been more like you my husband might not be so traumatized at the site of a mall! And the hedgehog,I die, so cute!

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