Chevron, Infinity Stripes & Corduroy

There’s no shortage of fun colors and textures in this outfit that brightened up an otherwise dull day!

Chevron Skirt: Old Navy
Corduroy Jacket: Old Navy
Striped Infinity Scarf: Madewell 1937 (a gift from my sister-in-law)
Sweater: Gap Outlet
Boots: Nine West


  1. 1

    love your blog, I comment very little, but I had to say that your hair looks gorgeous and makes the outfit even better.

  2. 3

    What a cute outfit Dusty! You have the BEST taste! Way to brighten up a fall day. I have the same scarf and wear it ALL the time. The store is actually called Madewell 1937 for all of you shoppers out there – it’s an awesome store owned by J.Crew -love. :) Thanks for all of your great posts!

  3. 5

    Super cute D! I love seeing summer stuff transition to fall!

  4. 6

    I love outfits with bold colors like that! I looked for the scarf online, but I don’t think it’s sold anymore.

  5. 7

    Thank you so much, Maria!

    @Anonymous: Thanks for the clarification on the scarf! I trimmed the tags off when I first wore it and the only one left on it is a little one that says “1937” which I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks for filling me in!

    Thank you, Allison!

    @Amanda: Maybe try ebay?
    ::fingers crossed::

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