Parade of Homes–Gorgeous Traditional Style Home

This beautiful traditional style home was built by Temple Construction and is located in the Southbridge Blue Ridge Addition in Waunakee, WI. At 5,895 square feet, this home features 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a beautiful two-story foyer, wine cellar, and theatre. Interested in knowing more? Click HERE for additional information.

View of the beautiful 2-story foyer from the entryway.

The office/study–immediately to the right of the Entryway–featured this gorgeous ceiling.

Although this Living Room is not my style, I just loved it. Especially that ceiling–wow!

I didn’t really like how closed off the Dining Room was with the cabinetry/island in the center and rounded half wall coming around the side. But it was something different, so I snapped a pic.


Another view of the Kitchen. The Kitchen had 2 islands (not counting the other cabinet/counter area over by the Dining Room in the far right of this pic).

Another view of the Dining Room (from the Kitchen).

Their amazing Master Bedroom. That bed doesn’t mess around. Neither does that chandelier! There were gorgeous double doors that opened into the Master Bedroom–love that!

Pic 1: The right side of the bed, and a good view of the window treatments. I really liked the wood cornice they did.
Pic 2: A 1/4 turn to the right and you are looking at the entrance to the Master Bathroom. Instead of doors, they had these gorgeous heavy drapes over the entrance to the Master Bathroom.


The Master Bathroom (also know as “Shut The #*@% Up!!” which is what I said when I first walked in). His & Her vanities to the left and right, and His & Her WICs in the background. And let’s not forget the flat-screen TV in the tub.

Pic 1: One of the Master Bathroom vanities. It’s match was on the opposite wall.
Pic 2: One of the Walk-In Closets–complete with custom glazed cabinetry and pendant lighting. Because every WIC needs that.


Cute Girl’s Room. The white circle border was hand painted. I have a close-up picture of the circle border. Feel free to email me if you’d like to see it.

Kids’ Bathroom with cute little daisies painted on the walls.

Charming Boy’s Room with some more hand-painted designs on the wall. The dark wood doors with white trim you see in this picture was how every door in the home looked. Very interesting. I loved the dark wood, but wasn’t quite sure about that white trim with it.

Kids’ Play Room:

The Wine Cellar, located in the lower level of the house (yum!):

Bar seating area in the lower level. If you sat at this table you’d see the wine cellar (previous pic) in front of you to the left, and the huge wet bar (next pic) in front of you to the right.

Lower Level Wet Bar:

In-Home Theatre. It gets to the point where you’ve seen one of these, you’ve seen them all, but I had to snap a picture since my eye candy Will Smith was on the wall.

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  1. 1

    OMG I would never leave that tub. I’d probably stub my toe on it since it floats in the middle of the room, so that would be a better reason to never get out.

    One interesting thing about Parades of Homes (we have one in Denver that I go to every year, too) is that the kids rooms are always such a huge departure from the style of the rest of the house – every year that surprises me. You’d think I would be used to it by now, but boo – every year I go, Wow, this is so different from the rest of the house!

    I obv don’t have kids, so maybe that’s just what happens when you have little munchkins whining about wanting pink in their room. Who knows! Sorry for the novel, you got me thinking :)

  2. 2

    I never really noticed that about kids’ rooms before, but that you mention it–you’re right! Interesting.

  3. 3

    Emily would have to move over – cause I would have my big butt in that tub too! a little soakin, a little will smith marathon = perfect combo!

    love the post – k

  4. 4

    Gorgeous! I love that tub!

  5. 5

    Love your plan for the start of our BFFdom – I could definitely use a friend to make my abnormally large (in life, not ego – although there are days) head look smaller.

  6. 6

    love that house!

  7. 7

    Very interesting. The theater room and ceiling in the living room look awesome. There seem to be a lot of awkward details,though – the way the rounded wall in the dining room ends right into the cabinets, the ripping of wall-to-wall carpeting (a sign is wasn’t installed well), and the paint job in the kids room…gah!

  8. 8

    I totally agree with what Emily mentioned about the kids’ rooms. I always have to laugh at the kids rooms at these things. It’s like every house is occupied by a 5-to-10 year old. No babies. No teens.

    We once even saw a house staged with a HUGE kids’ room with SIX beds – all in the same skateboard theme. Did they have sextuplets??

    Anyway, just my little pet peeve. At least it keeps me entertained. Thanks for the pics! Got me all excited about the Parade of Homes coming to Richmond in October.


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