A Week in My Life: Wednesday

Day 3 of “A Week in My Life” series, the 2012 version!

5:00am: My alarm goes off – time for 5 at 5.

(That’s what I call my midweek runs: 5 miles at 5am – get it?)

I am such a piddler in the morning! I piddle around the house, taking 20 minutes to do what should really only take me two.  My mom used to call this “piddle farting.”

“Quit piddle-farting around – let’s go!” she’d say.

Weird right?

(My mom was a hippie.)

All I really need to do between my alarm clock going off and getting out the door for my run is get dressed and tie my running shoes, but this morning I also decide to do a load of laundry and sort through the mail.

See?  Piddling.

6:20am: I’m back from run. Five miles at an 8:54 min/mile pace; that’s pretty good for me!  Time to shower and get ready for work.

Kate wakes up and I take a break from getting ready to give her hugs and kisses before G takes her downstairs to get her dressed.

7:15am: I come downstairs and get breakfast for Kate (a harvest spice breakfast cookie, milk, and a green smoothie) and myself (steel cut oats and a protein/coffee recovery drink) while G goes upstairs to get ready for work.

7:45am:  Kisses for G as he leaves for work, and then Kate and I are also out the door on our way to her daycare.  Kate didn’t eat much for breakfast so I offer her a homemade granola bar to eat in the car on our way.

8:30am:  I arrive at work and am so surprised to see a gift from my friend Katie on my desk!  A hysterical card (so Katie) and a beautiful necklace from Francesca’s Collection, one of my favorite stores:

My work day stars with a gift from my friend Katie leaning up against my computer monitor.  LOVE!

10:23am:  What the hell?!  I thought I was looking all super cute today, but I just looked down and noticed a damn hole in my cheap ass shoes:

A busted seam in the middle of my shoe.  Not cool.

11:00am:  I eat lunch early (leftover shrimp and pasta from Monday night) because I have a meeting over lunch today from 11:30am-1pm.

1:30pm:  I need an office break, so I grab my co-worker Tiffany and we walk to one of our favorite local coffee shops where I get a chai tea latte made with almond milk, to go. (I tip!)

I return to the office for an afternoon of work meetings.

4:45pm:  Time to leave the office and head home.  I check my rear-view mirror as I’m about to back out of our parking lot and nearly have a heart attack – I totally forgot I had a the top half of a mini papasan chair crammed in my trunk!

I have no problem re-purposing other people’s trash!

Here’s the deal:  I spotted this bad boy sitting out on the curb about a block from my office yesterday and didn’t think anything of it – but then last night it popped back into my head and I had a really fun idea of something I could maybe use it for!  I was so excited to see it was still out on the curb during my commute to work this morning, so I pulled over, threw the seats down, and crammed that baby in there.  I hope my idea works out!

5:30pm: I’m home!  Traffic was ridiculous so it took me longer than usual to get home. I greet Kate and G who are already home and we catch up on our days.

Kate’s daily sheet from daycare – other than a bump at the playground, she had a great day!

It’s leftovers for dinner tonight.  I prep tuna with mayonnaise, and Sun Chips on the side for Kate.  (I caved; she hardly ever gets chips although she asks for them every day.)  She’s so sweet and so happy to get Sun Chips for dinner that she surprsies me by saying, “I want to kiss you!” (Which she does.) She then adds, “I want to hug you!” (Which she does.)

Awwww! I die!

Kate, 32 months and such a sweetie!

Once I’ve got Kate served up, I prep my own dinner (a leftover triple cheese panini from Monday and a green smoothie) and sit down at the kitchen island to eat with Kate.  (G prefers to eat dinner later and since I didn’t prep a family meal for tonight he relaxes in the living room while Kate and I eat; he’ll eat later.)

6:30pm: G says goodnight to Kate and she and I go upstairs for bath and bedtime.  I recently bought Yes To Baby Carrots all-natural bubble bath for Kate and she loves taking a bubble bath!  After bath time I help her get dressed in her pajamas, comb her hair, and then we brush her teeth (she gets to brush first and then it’s Mommy’s turn to make sure we get them all), and then Kate flosses.

Kate’s personal hygiene is taken care of so now it’s time for cuddles!  We return to Kate’s room and snuggle up in her bed together while I read her a book (she chooses Goodnight Moon tonight) and we say prayers, and then snuggle and talk.  Kate’s bedtime routine usually only takes about 30 minutes, but I’m enjoying our time together so much that I linger longer than usual.  Finally, I give her kisses, say “I love you” and “goodnight” and then remind her, as I do every night that I do bedtime, “Mommy will be right here in the morning when you wake up.”

7:15pm: I come downstairs and clean up the kitchen.

7:30pm: G and I start a Netflix movie:  One for the Money – a total chick flick.  G is Master of the Netflix Queue and usually blocks my chick flicks like Hope Solo blocking penalty kicks, but somehow this one slipped past the goalie.

I have a super hard time just sitting on the couch and watching a movie, and not doing anything else.  It seems like such a waste of time!  I’d much rather keep busy while I watch so I sit down at the laptop to multitask and type up notes from the day.

I’m facilitating a 9:00am meeting at work tomorrow morning and I promised my group a home-cooked breakfast in exchange for agreeing to meet first thing in the day, so once my notes are typed up I start grilling up sausage for a breakfast casserole.  In the meantime, I exchange text messages with my sister Brittny about a date she had tonight (fun!), and it reminds me that I need to get a date night on the books for me and G.  A few texts later with the teenage daughter of the woman who was Kate’s first daycare provider and G and I have a babysitter lined up next weekend – woohoo!

8:30pm: Breakfast casseroles are prepped and in the fridge, and the movie is still going, so I continue my piddling multitasking.  I’m currently working on a super awesome tile project – part of my partnership with The Tile Shop! – so I decide to do some work on that.

10:30pm: The movie is over and my shoulder feels like it’s about to fall off.  Time for bed!


  1. 1

    Love this week in a life post of a working mom that works out! I have a 2 year old too and used to get up at 5 but now he is not sleeping so well so I just can’t do it.

    Random question – why does Kate get dressed downstairs? Is that where her clothes are?

  2. 2

    So how much of the movie did you actually watch or retain? I only ask because my husband is what I call a “movie nazi”. Having a Film Degree will do that to you. I am not allowed to multi task at all during a movie and heaven forbid I fall asleep. Now I couldn’t work in the kitchen and watch a movie because the rooms are separated by my formal dining room, but I would like to be able to sit on the couch and work on my laptop, but nooo…the lights must be out, the volume turned up loud and everyone sitting up straight.

  3. 3

    I had to laugh when I read on Kate’s paper…balogne casserole, none.

    I don’t blame her! That sounds nasty!

  4. 4

    Giggling at”Piddle-farting” I have to laugh because my mom always called it “filly-farting.” Either way, to see it in written form is cracking me up. 😉

  5. 5

    I “dilly dal”, but usually after the workout and prior to showering. Love that time of day (once I’m up!).

    Have you tried 7th Generation’s kid line for bubble bath? Just saw it at Target a couple weeks ago, so I picked it it and my little man is loving his bubble baths!!

  6. 6

    Lol totally agree with previous poster – fried bologna casserole?? HEAVE! Kate is a smart girl for sticking with the bread and butter.

  7. 7

    What do you typically wear when you go running especially when it starts to get cooler? I need to start moving again and I’m not sure what to wear when exercising outside. I used to always workout inside, but I’m thinking about starting to walk and work up to running. Do you have a favorite pair of pants? Sock recommendations? Jacket, etc.? Thanks so much!!!

  8. 8

    Thank you so much, Erika! And to answer your question – Kate used to resist getting dressed in the mornings, usually because she loved her pajamas so much that she just wanted to keep them on and wear them all day. G started the routine of grabbing her clothes out of her bedroom, bringing them downstairs, letting her wake up a bit and maybe even eat breakfast first, maybe watch a little TV, etc. and then get her dressed when she was a little more distracted and a little less committed to her jammies. He still does this with her, but I usually dress her in her bedroom before we go downstairs. She doesn’t resist getting dressed anymore, but once she wakes up she is usually pretty excited to go downstairs and start her day, which is why I think G continues to do it this way.

    @Kristy: LOL! G is kind of like that, too! He gets frustrated with me when I don’t sit down and pay 100% attention to a movie, but a lot of times I’m just not that into it! I’d say I watched most of this movie, but honestly it was so predictable that having eyes on the TV 24/7 wasn’t necessary.

    @So Not Martha: Right?! I was so proud of her for not eating that when I saw her sheet. I hadn’t received her October lunch menu yet when she went to daycare that day otherwise I totally would’ve packed a different lunch for her on that day! Usually they do a great job of providing good lunches, but this day was a miss for sure.

    @Jana: I know, it makes me giggle, too!

    @CampDallas: No, I haven’t seen that kind! I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at Target. Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Allison: I can always count on Kate not to eat something she doesn’t recognize – that’s the plus side of having a picky eater!

  9. 9

    I love this series Dusty and have been reading your blog for a while. I’m curious to see what you do with that papasan chair piece because I have an old one that I was thinking about donating to goodwill but if you have a great idea on how I can repurpose mine, I’d love to hear about it!

  10. 10

    @Shelly: I’m so sorry I missed your comment in my first response! We must have been typing at the same time, haha. As for running gear – I hate shopping around so once I find a brand I like I tend to stick with it. I’m a big fan of Nike’s running clothes. I have a pair of their fleece-lined running pants which I love. They keep me warm, but the cloth still breathes so I don’t get overheated. I also have a fleece-lined running turtleneck from Nike that I wear on colder days. I have a couple of Nike running jackets (mid- to lightweight) that I’ll layer over long-sleeve running shirts on cooler days as well. And lastly, I don’t think I could live without my headband/ear protector things (also from Nike). I have some in a lightweight DriFit cloth and some that are fleece – they’re great! I recently ordered some running leggings (regular and fleece-lined) from Gap’s Fit collection (they’re cheaper than Nike; especially if you wait for a coupon code) and I think I’m going to like those as well once I get my sizing figured out. Hope that helps, and good luck with your outdoor workouts!

    @Megan: Thank you for your comment! I’m not sure how soon I’ll get to my papasan chair project (it will likely be awhile) so feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to hear about my idea in the meantime!

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