Mail a Hug!

“Mail a Hug” Care Package

My younger sister  Brittny joined the Army National Guard and completed her 9 weeks of basic training on the other side of the country last summer.  She had very limited use of her phone so we mostly kept in touch through letters, and I missed her so much!  I wanted to send her an awesome care package loaded up with home-baked goodies and as many luxuries as she could stand while she was away from home, but I didn’t want to break any Army rules so I waited for her letter telling me what to send. 

Lip balm, underwear, and socks.

That was her wish list.

How boring is that?!

Hard as I tried there was just no way to make Hanes Her Way with a side of Chapstick seem luxurious, but I decided at the very least I could dress up the packaging!  I borrowed from an idea I used for our Aunt Mimi’s cancer care package and decided to mail her a hug from her favorite niece, Kate!

First, I gift-wrapped the inside of a mailing box, and once again Kate and I made hand prints using finger paints – this time in Aunt Brittny’s favorite color: green!

I accordion folded pink construction paper, glued between Kate’s handprints with a message saying, “Sending a hug your way to let you know we think about you every day. We love you Aunt Brittny!”

Mailing a hug in a care package to my sister, Brittny!

Lastly, I added some pictures of her and Kate for a slightly more personal touch, and soon Aunt Brittny’s Army care package was on its way!  It was a huge hit with my sister and a great way to bring some extra color and cheer to those drab Army barracks.

Who could use a colorful, cheerful hug in the mail in your life?  Why not surprise them this week!


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    Dang, Girl! Can I outsource all my care package sending to you?! As usual, such a creative and thoughtful presentation.

    Thanks to Brittny and all present and past veterans.

  2. 2

    Thank you, Alison! And for the veteran’s appreciation. <3


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