FREE Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

I’ve received probably hundreds of requests for copies of the Sesame Street birthday party printables I made for Kate’s Sesame Street Themed 2nd birthday party, and now that I’ve switched my blog over to WordPress I can easily share them with you all!

These links will open a pdf document for you to print from your computer:

Sesame Street Welcome Sign

Sesame Street Favor Bag Topper

Crayon Border Thank You Message

Kid’s Cup Labels

First up is the Sesame Street Welcome Sign I made for our front door:

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

You can use the “Welcome” sign on its own, or recreate the door display I made for Kate’s party, by printing out the Sesame Street Welcome Sign in color on white cardstock, and cutting around the outer line.  The personalized signs below the welcome sign are easily made in Microsoft Word or Publisher using a Comic Sans font.  I cut the large “K” and “2” out of foam and covered them in wrapping paper, and then pieced it all together using ribbon taped in back.

Next, is the “Thank You!” favor bag topper I made in the shape of the Sesame Street sign:

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

To recreate, print them off my Sesame Street Favor Bag Topper in color on white cardstock.  Cut around the sides and bottom of the rounded rectangle with scissors, and then use an exacto knife to trim around just the oval line on top.  Next, fold the rest of the paper at the top of the rectangle, so that the label is like a little tent that goes over the bag, with the oval top standing up.  I closed the favor bags with one staple in the center and secured the tent on top of the bag using double-stick tape, one piece on each side.

6/13/13 UPDATE:  By popular request, I duplicated the Crayon Border Thank You Message that I used for our favor bags!  Print this document out in color on white cardstock, cut and attach and use as-is, or adhere it to a slightly larger piece of colored cardstock using glue, double-stick tape, brads, or eyelets like the yellow ones I used in the picture above.

I made these name tags for the kids’ cups so we could easily keep track of which one was theirs.  Using crayons and Sesame Street stickers added to our theme, but really these practical cup labels could be used for any party!

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

Free Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables |

To use this Kid’s Cup Labels printable, simply print this pdf out in color on self-adhesive 2×4″ shipping labels, peel them off and apply to your party cups.  Add stickers to each one for an additional way to help kids to recognize their cups.

I hope these Sesame Street Birthday Party Printables help make your little one’s party an even bigger hit!

These free party printables are for personal use only.  Please credit All Things G&D and link back to this post if you use them.  Thank you!

Interested in seeing more of Kate’s Sesame Street Themed Birthday Party?  Click on the images below!

Kate's Sesame Street Birthday Party |

The Making of Kate's Sesame Street Birthday Party |


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  1. 1

    Thank you!! I’m definitely using these for my K’s 2nd birthday party.

  2. 3

    Thank you for sharing!! My daughter is turning 2 in couple of weeks and loves Elmo. I am going to use some of your ideas. How did you make the thank you cards with the crayons going around it? Could you send me the link for that too?

    • 4

      Hi Katie – I’m pretty sure I made the crayon card in Microsoft Publisher, but I can’t find the file! I think I accidentally deleted it. I’ll try to recreate it and add it to this post. Good luck with your daughter’s birthday party!

  3. 5

    Where did u find the polka dot gift wrap and the gift bags?

  4. 6

    Hi Katie – thought you might be interested in knowing that I recreated the Crayon Border Thank You Message and have added the file to this post. Enjoy!

  5. 7

    @Aimee: I found the polka dot gift wrap and gift bags at Target, although I’m not sure if they still sell that pattern.

  6. 8

    Where did you get the water bottle labels from, my email address is

  7. 11

    Thanks for the wonderful pdf files. This will come in handy when we plan my nephew’s birthday party.

  8. 13

    Did you make the water bottle labels? If so what type of template did you use?

  9. 17

    Where did you get e polka dot bags? I have been trying to find them.

  10. 19

    This is the only site that I have found so far that provides free printables. Your party came out beautiful and Thank You so much for sharing your ideas and printbles!

  11. 20

    We had a sesame street party this weekend and I used a few of your ideas – thank you so much!! I have to ask – what kind of camera did you use and how did you get your pictures to come out so great?! Thanks!

    • 21

      I’m so happy to hear it, Amanda! I hope your party was a success! My camera is a Canon T2i and I typically just use the 18-55mm lens it came with when I’m shooting room pics to get the wide angle. I’m lucky to have a lot of natural light in my house which helps with getting good pics, but something I’ve been doing since these party pics was taken is using a tripod for my shots. It makes a huge difference!

  12. 23

    I know everyone has already said it but THANK YOU. This is amazing. It is so kind of you to share your creations.

  13. 24

    Thank you so much, Jessica! That is such a lovely thing to hear!

  14. 25

    Thank you SO much for posting this! it has been such a help to me planning my sons 2nd birthday party, you’re a gem!

  15. 26

    Thank you so much-Finding these has been a blessing to me and to my birthday boy!!!

  16. 27

    I’m having my son’s 1st birthday in a few weeks and I was wondering if you could tell me where I might find the banner you have in the first picture? Thanks

  17. 29

    You did amazing job on your daughter’s birthday party. Would you be so kind to share the bottle label with me.. Thanks in advance!

  18. 31

    Great job! My question, is about the loot (favour) bags. Where did you find these, or are these too a printed file? All I can seem to find it coloured bags with white polka dots on them. Thanks. My email is

    • 32

      Hi Jade! I found the favor bags at Target, but it’s my understanding (hearing from others) that they no longer carry this bag pattern. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! I hope you’re able to find something that works for you. Good luck!

  19. 33

    Hi! I am trying to print the crayon border thank yous for son’s party tomorrow. Is there any way I can personalize the cards like yours are in the photo?! The file doesn’t appear to be editable. Thank you so much for posting these!

  20. 35

    Hi thank you for sharing your awesome resources! And I too was wondering if I could have a version of the thank you note for personalizing with my son”so name. :-)

    • 36

      Hi Shine, the only way to personalize the text for this would be to re-create it yourself, or upload it into a photo editor, erase my text and add your own. I’m sorry for the inconvenience! Good luck with your son’s party!

  21. 37
    Ki_nicoleee says:

    Hi, i just want to say thank you for the ideas. My baby 1st birthday is in July and im trying to save up and i love this.

  22. 39

    I love the way you do on sesame street birthday party.i will use this on my lil boys birthday party.but where u buy the favor bags multi color polkadots?and or polkadot gift wrap?

  23. 41

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas and the files you created! I have been planning my son’s 1 year Sesame Street birthday party and fell about your site. So excited to use a bunch of your ideas this week!

  24. 43 says:

    water bottle labels pretty please??????? : ) tsoja1976@comcast,net

  25. 45
    Ventruce Turner says:

    My son birthday is in 2 weeks, How did you do the sesame street sign on the wall, the green and pointing I love it!!! How do I get it or do it??

  26. 47

    I love all of your beautiful ideas, thank you! Im looking to add my nephew’s name on the file and cant because its a pdf specifically the square cards with the crayon border, how can I recreate, where did you find the crayon border? thanks

  27. 48
    Anonymos says:

    The crayon border thank you favor tag is not an original. Just saw the exact same thing on

  28. 49

    Hello, How were you able to make the sesame street light post to stick on the wall?

  29. 50

    Hi, great party! Where did you get the little big bird sticker books that are in the favor bags?

  30. 51

    Hi! I was wondering what size did you made the thank you topper for the favor bag to be printed out?

  31. 52

    hello may i ask how to download this ? i like this

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