Things Loved in June 2013

1. Loreal’s Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

loreal magic skin beautifier

I noticed this face cream stuff sitting on the shelves at my local Target and I decided to give it a try (probably because it had the word “magic” in it – score one for marketing). The packages says it has “4 Beautifying Actions in 1: Hydrates, Primes, Perfects, Corrects for a flawless bare skin finish.” I’ve never used a primer before so I can’t compare it to that, but I will say that I love the way this makes my face look! The cream feels almost gritty when I squirt it into my hands, and kind of chalky as I apply it to my face (awesome selling points, I know) but it leaves my skin with a flawless, lightweight matte finish that makes it look like it was air-brushed! It’s all I’ve been wearing on my face this summer since the heat and humidity makes it too hot to bother with face powder or foundation. I’m so glad I gave this stuff a try! It comes in tinted options. I’m pretty pale so I went with the “fair” shade, although it’s so lightweight and pretty much invisible that I think I would’ve been fine with the “light” shade so don’t stress too much about which to choose if you decide to give this a try!

2. Kate’s Ladybug Night Light

I first learned of these LED nightlights during my last trip to IKEA – rechargeable, silicone-covered glow lights that children can bring into bed with them. You simply plug them in to charge during the day, unplug them when you’re child is ready to go to bed, tap the top to turn it on, and let you little one snuggle up in bed with it. It emits a nice soft glow all through the night (or until you tap it off), and in the morning you plug it back in to charge it up again. I wasn’t a fan of the weird shapes IKEA was selling (night lights are supposed to prevent nightmares – not cause them!) so I was super happy to see some rechargeable LED nightlight options offered at Target! I ordered the pink ladybug (above) for Kate, but there are many other shapes available both in-store and online. Just as I knew it would be – the ladybug nightlight has been a hit with our little girl!

3. Bone Suckin’ Mustard

Bone Suckin' Mustard

Run – do not walk – RUN to the nearest Whole Foods Market or other specialty food store and buy yourself at least three jars of this stuff (and a bag or two of pretzels). I first tried it as a sample at Whole Foods and could not believe the flavor explosion in my mouth! I bought one jar and it was gone before the sun went down that same day. I barely even let G get a chance to dip a pretzel in to try it, I was devouring it so quickly! I went back the next day and bought three more jars. I’m not even a big mustard fan, but this stuff is amazing! It tastes sort of like honey mustard, but there’s a bit of a kick to it. Ooh, my mouth is salivating just typing about it…time for a mustard and pretzel break!

4. Mad Men

mad men

AMC’s Mad Men

G and I like watching TV series via Netflix. We recently finished Weeds and are currently all caught up on Dexter, so we needed something new to add to our queue. I’ve been hearing people rave about Mad Men so we decided to give it a shot. We’re currently on Season 2 (I love that it’s streaming) and I’m hooked! (It’s a little slow for G but so far it’s still holding his interest.) The characters are so…interesting. There’s no one I even like, really (except for Joan, whom I love), but I find them all very interesting and am so curious what will happen next. I also love the look back in time at social norms from the 60s. Could you imagine working in that office?! I’d be slapping faces faster than those boys can swig a brandy!

(And then I’d swig a brandy.)

Who’s your favorite Mad Men character?  I’ve got to believe someone likes each of them!

5. Meeting so many fabulous people at the Delta Event!

delta friends

I recently blogged about the incredible opportunity I had to go behind the scenes at Delta Faucet Company’s headquarters to learn more about their brand, but what I haven’t mentioned enough yet is all the wonderful people I got to meet during this two-day experience! There were fourteen other bloggers there in addition to myself – only one of whom I’d met prior to this trip (Kim from Sand & Sisal who I met at the Haven Conference last year) – and I had so much fun getting to know them! I’ve “online known” Kim from Newly Woodwards for years now (we’ve interacted through our blogs, and other social media) and it was such a treat to get to meet her in person! I also had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady, Jamie from That’s My Letter, Gail from My Repurosed Life, and Desiree from A Place for Us – all incredibly lovely ladies whose company I truly enjoyed! I wish there had been enough time to really get to know everyone, but I think we’d need a week for that! In addition to my fabulous blogging counterparts, I also met so many exceptional people from Delta that have left a memorable impression on me including Paula, Jacqueline, Monique, Katie, Dave, Eric, Judd, Seth and Toni. Most people are lucky to meet one new person in any given month who leaves an impression on them and I had the luxury of meeting dozens!

Thank you again, Delta, for such a memorable opportunity!

But wait – there’s more! Two songs I’m loving right now: Blurred Lines and Same Love. Give them a listen. Tell me what you think.

What are some things you’re loving right now?

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  1. 1

    Love the pics, love that you had an awesome time at Delta! btw I too am loving Blurred Lines, Same Love is a good song but not my fave yet I do applaud them for not being concerned by others views and writing that song.

  2. 3
    ErinEvelyn says:

    I second the BB cream, Dusty!! Just like you, I found it at Target and kind of grabbed it on a whim (although I’d seen a beauty vlogger on review some BB creams – shout out to Leesha aka YouTube’s xSparkage – so I wanted to try one). I actually HAVE used a similar product with a primer-like finish. One of Merle Norman’s Luxiva Foundations is similar (but not quite as moisturizing… but that stuff’s like $35 a tube! L’Oreal’s stuff is a bargain, and simply a dream! (I got the Light color and I’m a green-eyed blonde. *Perfect* for a little summer color. I might use Fair during our WI winter.) :)

  3. 5
    Ashley B says:

    I am off to Target today and my face wants attention. 2 birds, 1stone. :-)

  4. 7

    cannot listen to Blurred Lines without dancing….and Same Love, got goose bumps the first time I listened and now its a favorite as well. they are finally playing Same Love on the radio here in Northeastern PA
    BB cream from Revlon is nice but it has an unusual smell? gonna try this one next :)

    • 8

      I just heard Same Love on a Madison, WI radio station, too – I was so surprised! That’s weird about the Revlon BB cream smell – I haven’t noticed any kind of smell at all with this one.

  5. 9

    I’ve bee watching Mad Men for the past 6 seasons and am catching up by re-watching the first two during my post season withdrawal period. All the characters are my favorite- especially Don. He is a sleazebag, yes but gosh he is just so darned handsome! I also love Betty and how she epitomizes the unhappy 60s housewife who looks just like Grace Kelly. It is a great series. I would recommend browsing at for costume analysis!

    • 10

      I think G and I spend more time bitching about Betty than anyone else on that show – I wouldn’t trust her to babysit my kids let alone raise them! Don is a total sleaze bag, but damn he’s just so interesting! (I actually don’t find him handsome. At all. I shall now duck and cover…)

  6. 11

    I’m loving that nightlight! You don’t find that it keeps your little one up at night? My girls are such sensitive sleepers…says the mom who got a total of three hours of sleep last night. ugh…

    • 12

      No, it hasn’t kept her up at night at all! That’s what I like about it so much. It emits light, but it’s not super bright; more of a warm glow. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight (and many more nights to come)!

  7. 13
    Carmen Butschlick says:

    How is the coverage with the BB cream? I’ve been curious to try them, but have been hesitant because I need the full coverage of a foundation and powder.

    • 14

      To be honest I haven’t had a need for fuller coverage since I’ve started using it, and it seems pretty sheer, so I’m not sure. I do have a red spot on my cheek that won’t go away ever since my pregnancy and I thought it did a nice job with that. I still need to hit it w/a little cover up if I’m trying to cover it up completely though. Sorry I don’t have more info for you! Maybe google Loreal BB cream and see if you can find some other reviews. Good luck!

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